Unreal Engine 4.9 Released!

Wow! Just Wow. Feel like I’ve been tazed. Little tingly all over.

Does interstitial ads work now with admob?

Can we now retrieve an in-app purchase that has already be purchased ?

A lot of great stuffs … BUT … “Improved Temporal AA quality using bicubic filtering” … well … no :frowning:

How about 4.9 VR Preview in Windows 10 and Oculus 0.7?

Hell yeah! Cannot wait to see all the new and improved features.

Infiltrator demo inbound ? :smiley:

Infiltrator has not been released, no. Sorry for the confusion! The mention was made in error, so we’ve edited the post accordingly :cool: No news to report at this time.

Another great update! thanks!

**Question: ** If I have to “remove any previous TADP installation before running the new AndroidWorks installer”, then I can’t continue working with 4.8.3 mobile project that I guess is using TADP for packaging?

All stuff in the Learn tab hasn’t been updated for 4.9, is that intentional? Everything still tells me that 4.8 is latest version in there.

You can use AndroidWorks with 4.8. I’ve had to do it myself since TADP is a buggy mess.

If you choose to start development on 4.9, always use a COPY of your project when you convert to 4.9. This way you can still use your 4.8 version in case you experience any challenges getting the 4.9 copy updated.

Source control people!

So does 4.9 official not have the new spline editing tools, blueprint node alignment tools, pivot offset tools, etc.?

Honestly those were the features I was most looking forward to!

Thanks @TheJamsh,
then I will assume I don’t need to do anything manually to make AndroidWorks work with 4.8, just remove old, install new and 4.8 and 4.9 will work with AndroidWorks…
Going to try that.

Awesome work Epic! I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the new goodies!

Snow and multiple BP function returns are my favorites.

Thanks a lot EPIC and contributors!

Wow! You amaze me each time we do an update Epic. Great Job!

Update…overload! So many distractions to get stuck into. :slight_smile:

Koola> Almost looks like you have extra Grain and Grain jitter on in the 4.9 image. Check your post process and make sure it’s off. That would cause straight lines to be rough like that. Maybe got changes with the blendables changes?

Thank you Epic <3

Amazing as always!