Unreal Engine 4.9 Released!

You can see the pages updated for 4.9 here:

We know programming documentation could be better and more extensive, but there are several tutorials and they should all be up to date and working with 4.9:

We have more coming too.

My on clicked event doesnt work in 4.9 (on a bp_Actor). Anybody know whats up with that? :slight_smile:

I tested 4.9 Preview 4 and nav links are working again but I needed to move every nav link proxy to force nav link recreation.

Probably this is the fix:

Hi Schala Zeal,

VS 2015 support is still experimental and not fully implemented. For 4.9, it is only available when building the Engine from source code. To be able to build the Engine using VS 2015, you would need to run the GenerateProjectFiles.bat file with the -2015 parameter. The simplest way to do this would be to make a shortcut for the GenerateProjectFiles.bat file, then edit the properties of the shortcut to add " -2015" at the end of the Target field (make sure to include a space before the dash symbol). Double-clicking on the shortcut will then run the batch file with the -2015 parameter included.

You could also open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to the root folder where you saved the Engine source code. Hold the Shift key and right-click in an empty area of the folder, and then select the “Open command window here” option. When the window opens, type in “GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2015” and press Enter.


Modulated shadow via stationaryLight VS Dynamic shadow via movableLight,which is cheaper on mobile and by how much?
EDIT:After I build lighting and package for IOS to iphone6 plus,the modulated shadow on ios looks dirty with low resolution and my movable actors looks flickering even if I increase the landscape lighting resolution,also,I have found that,the fps has been cut down due to this modulated shadow…The dynamic shadow with movable light have a much higher fps…So strange…

And now I cannot PIE in ES2(feature level),if I play in editor and then press exit or the escape key,the editor crashes immediately…

I’m having difficulties with convertin 4.8 project to 4.9. I opened it as copy in 4.9, but it hangs at 98%, engine stops responding according to Task Manager and it’s like that for 5-10mins before I do ctrl-alt-del. It’s really simple project, small landscape with trees and BP for walking character. Any suggestions? Any way to debug/read logs?

built successfully the editor on linux on a side to test it, tried a new fps demo project, no materials at all no skyboxes ? everything in grey scale ?

I hope someone takes a look at these motion artifacts as well as they’ve gotten really bad this version.

PP Low, AA Epic.

PP Epic, AA Low.

Both Epic and a still for comparison.

Im not sure why these artifacts were ever considered ok?

Hi hls333555,

Please post this to the answerhub in the bug reports section (link in signature). In your answerhub post, please include your callstack, crashlogs, repro steps, and whether this works in a clean project or if it is limited to a specific project.

Too much awesome stuff!!!
but why did you guys “broke” temporal AA?

welll… not that broken at all. Motion blurs giving me pretty bad results.

WHOO-HOO! I’m downloading now!

same, also projects from 4.7. All projects actually, is everyone getting this?

Could you post on the AnswerHub ( with any information you have about this bug as well as a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I created a new first person template project in 4.9 and it appeared the same as on Windows.

4 or 5 people now have this problem just in this thread. I think bug fixes need to be #1 priority before pushing this stuff out. I can’t make a complete vr game when every release I have to deal with issues like this over and over again. Can’t use old versions because we are forced to keep updating for continual vr support…

I see. Darn

Hi crumbaker,

I was able to reproduce the external reference errors and have entered a bug report, UE-20612, to be assessed by the development staff. These are warnings and do not seem to have any adverse effects at present so it should be safe to ignore them for now. If they begin causing errors with projects, please feel free to make an answerhub post in the bug reports section (link in signature) detailing the exact effects and what reproduction steps can be taken to recreate this on our end.

I just thought you had an incredible dry sense of humor, and great restraint in not using any smiley.

Uh… VS2015 != VS2015?

Hi Schala Zeal,

Would you be able to make a post in the Bug Reports section of the AnswerHub regarding this? Please include as much detail as possible about the steps you followed until that error appeared.


I keep getting “internal error” when I tried.