Unreal Engine 4.7 Released!

Good Lord… mind blown.

My Blueprint editing OCD is pleased.


Well there are still a lot of bugs, in my opinion you should have made more preview releases until all the bugs are fixed.

Thats so awesome! I always hated the inclined lines of the set nodes :cool: My blueprints always should be perfectly symmetrical.

Awesome! Finally the 4.7 final version :smiley:

HOLY F’IN SHIEEET guys ****… You’ve outdone yourselves

I just feel so lucky

Hahaha, I’ve wondered how many other people this bugged.

Niiiiiice niiiiiice


Great update guys, Please can we have the content examples updated to this release? specially to demonstrate the new Foliage Shading Model, can we finally have some great looking trees?
Can you guys share this tree model:

Awwwwwwwh yeaaaaaa. Great update guys! Keep up the good work!

Thank YOU!!!

Watching the relase announcement…



Holy expletive, Batman!

Haven’t checked the preview releases at all (that’s just the way I am) so this is like being hit by an avalanche followed by a tsunami and a semi-decent earthquake, but, you know, in a good way… erm. Yeah.

Socks blown off.

I thought you actually needed to do a significant contribution to get on the contributors list, I just fixed a single typo :slight_smile:

But thanks, glad to have helped!

Amazing huge update as always. Soooo many great changes and additions!

And, oh well, I thoug UE-9829 was already fixed. Will take a look as soon as I backup my whole pipeline and projects :slight_smile:

YAAAAY, finally :slight_smile:

Yes! Makes worlds of difference… :slight_smile:

Please do! We’re committed to rooting out any and all bugs here so let us know if you manage to run into issues.

:eek: twitch Finally hopefully all the issues that plagued us in 4.6 are gone now! Happy dance

I always built the engine source alongside my project.

How can I take advantage of the PDB files now delivered with 4.7?

Once I install the new engine, I just regenerate my VS project , targeting the freshly installed 4.7 version, and I just run the editor from within VS like I used to do before?


I really dislike the new blueprint UI :frowning: Is there any way I can go back to the old UI?

In engine animation editor!!! Thank you!!! :slight_smile: