Unreal Engine 4.7 Released!

The specific stuff you can find on the answerhub :cool:

I would like to have this]([4.7.3] Engine crashes on compile of one blueprint only if child of that blueprint is also opened in another tab - UE4 AnswerHub), most importantly this](, and less importantly this]( and **this **](Unresolved compile Error (while there is no Error) - UE4 AnswerHub) and this](Set NavModifier mobility in blueprint - UE4 AnswerHub) and this]([4.7.3] Engine crashes on compile of one blueprint caused by FDateTime - UE4 AnswerHub) and of course **this **](BP Function Library gives randomly Transient_REINST issues - UE4 AnswerHub)fixed for 4.7.4.

Specific enough? :cool:

The good thing is, with 4.7.3 now I can actually use 4.7 because I don’t get too many crashes. I can’t play the game properly because of the missing default values and I can not use some features because of the bugs, but I can at least use 4.7 at all now.

That’s still an issue for you? It was the thing that stopped me using 4.7.2, but it seems to be gone in 4.7.3 for me - my problem was this answerhub post. Maybe we’re talking about different things though.

My issue is described here.

Finaly John Alcatraz ,your comment is legitime, you have a lot of bugs too.

Just found a new bug which let’s the engine crash :stuck_out_tongue: Of course already written a post on the answerhub. A day where I find less than 3 bugs or get less than 30 crashes a day would be a special day…

Err… No UE-9829 fix yet;

If you are in hurry, you can cherry-pick the fix(es) from github and compile the source yourself…

Thanks, I definitely thought about it.

The Epic Staff who I was communicating with on Answerhub linked me to the exact fix, actually - but I have no experience with it, however. But It’s probably something worth learning :slight_smile:


I just wanted to thank you for your hard work, but also tell you that I agree with the general feeling that making a regular “stable” version from time to time would be a really great thing.

For example, look at how Canonical makes regular Ubuntu updates, but has a LTS (Long-Term Support) every 2 years.

Basically, UE4 on OS X is super unstable. I can expect a crash roughly every 30 minutes.

DUDE how the hell do you even contact epic. There isn’t any contact information anywhere.

For support agreements, etc…, this is the best place to start:

Michael Noland

Well that was quick stupid ue4 bugs swiftly crushed my hopes oh well

Guys shouldnt release anything until its stable coz its really irritating

Hi there,

It would be helpful if you could let us know what bug or issues you are encountering. Could you please provide us a link to your post on the issue so we can try and help? There may be a workaround available.


Hoping UE-11324 will soon be fixed (crash when exiting immersive mode after having opened content). I’ve crashed so many times now because I use immersive mode so much. I’m just wondering, is this specific for certain people or does everyone have this? If you want to try it, restart the editor and go into immersive mode (make a viewport large, then press F11), open the content browser (CTRL + Shift + F) and open some content (static mesh etc.). It shouldn’t open the content and when you press F11 to exit immersive mode it should crash the editor.

Hi Logithx.

UE-11324 ended up being a duplicate of another report, UE-11204. The issue has been fixed internally. At the moment it is slated to be included in the 4.8 release, but I’m going to start a discussion and see if it is safe to include in an earlier Hotfix.

Thanks for the update, that is great news.

when we see a fix to actor child component(always disappeared when i start editor first time or build game) i see this bug in 4.7 and now in 4.7.3 i don’t see a fix…

for example here is one of the many posts from answerhub Modifications to Child Blueprint actors not saving? 4.7 - UE4 AnswerHub

UE-10524 Icon reports failure to add if creating a project with source control enabled

this is from the 4.7.1 update but it is not fixed. After excluding the Build folder from the perforce stream, I get this error when trying to compile the project files on another machine after synching. I excluded the build folder because the documentation recommends it.

Some staff marked my answerhub thread as solved but it is not, as tried with 4.7.2 and 4.7.3 and still getting errors about missing icons in the build folder. It would be nice to get some information about this problem.

I really hope for you that Epic will get a fix for this in 4.7.4 :slight_smile: Do you have an answerhub post for this bug?