Unreal Engine 4.6 download speed dropping to 0MB/s

When I start the download/resume the download, it’s the normal speed I get everywhere at first (1.8MB/s), but then after maybe 30 seconds, it drops to 0KB/s, and then maybe rises to 500KB/s every once in a while for a couple seconds.

I’ve had similar problems in Uplay, in Uplay, it was simply a case of it eating up my bandwith. (It also slows down my internet when it goes down to 0.0KB/s). This may be easily fixed, if I can set up a limit to the DL speed. Is there a way to do that? If not, could that be added?

Hi Thornius,

Try the troubleshooting steps under the ‘Unable to download’ section. Something there may help bypass whatever is causing the issue.

One of the steps delayed the download from slowing down, but it didn’t prevent it. That step was:

Right-click your Launcher shortcut and choose Properties. At the end of the Target path, add: -HTTP=Curl then apply and restart your Launcher.

Seems to be downloading smoothly now. I just turned Avast! to silent mode/gamemode.