Unreal Engine 4.26-Chaos Preview now available on the Epic Games launcher

Is there any way to install an engine/code plugin to this version? Plugin from the marketplace. I would like to try out one of my projects with chaos physics but the project is using a plugin, and I’m not sure how to install a plugin to this version.

If 4.26 installed also (non chaos) you could download the plugin on 4.26 then go into your plugins/marketplace directory and copy that into a plugins directory in your project. You’d likely need to delete the binaries and intermediate folders in those plugins directories to force them to compile for the 4.26-chaos build. But I think that would work.

It is very slow,when I open a cloth in chaos’s about 30K triangles in this cloth.
In nvcloth version,it takes about 5 seconds,and in chaos version,it takes about 10 minutes.
Is it designed to like this,or it’s a bug?
If you can’t reproduce this issue,I can upload a project.

Thanks, you are right, you could use the version from 4.26 non chaos, except I needed to recompile the plugin manually. I did it based on this video (UE4 - recompiling plugins (Windows & Linux) - YouTube).

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Is anyone else having an issue with debuging rigid bodies with the gc debug draw actor? Nothing in the rigid body settings shows for some reason.

The Chaos system has huge huge potential and could be a game changer for game phyisics. However Its been almost 2 years since the impressive GDC 2019 Demo and we have not heard much since. Is Chaos still planned to be a core system in Unreal Engine?

Does Chaos plan to have support for glass and wood?

Also I noticed in a slide from GDC that image based fracture is going to be supported is this still the case?

It would be fantasic if we could get a livestream (or even just a blog post) to show the progress of Chaos, what features are coming and an eta of those features?

Thank You.

I upgraded a copy of my project (which is very physics orientated - hence why I am keen to test Chaos!) and none of my physics constraints seem to be working. Is there something specific I need to do? Change them to something Chaos specific?

So I have two different types of physics constraints in my game:

  1. Where all the limits are locked in all axis and unbreakable - these work fine in 4.26 Chaos build.

  2. Where the constraints are limited to swing in different axes - these are are just unusable as is in 4.26 Chaos.

For number 2) I am using identical values to my previous PhysX build (which works perfectly fine), but in the 4.26 Chaos build all the members are super fragile and jittery and just touching them will break them and fly away. I’ve tried tweaking everything I can think of (strengths, break thresholds, masses etc.) but nothing seems to work.

Anyone have any recommendations?

There are plans for this, but since it’s a work in progress, we don’t have additional details to share just yet.

Hey @xermao, that doesn’t sound right. Would you mind completing a bug report,so our team can take a look at your project file?

You can pre-fracture a mesh in your DCC to do this. You probably already know if you got this far :smiley:
Part of my process for preparing assets usually comes from vertex grouping the mesh and applying a dummy material to seperate it at the end. Then place them together with sm comps in an actor and let the fracture handle the organisation at that point. After that just select a fractured mesh, then subfracture it again and cluster it, all the sub-fracturing can come from the levels based on your simulation results. It gives the same result as what you want, but it’s the long way around. I know, because I thought of this too and had to workaround it :slight_smile: So +1 for this.

Vehicle is totally unusable. Create project from template, (vehicle basic) and then we you spawn it, the vehicle will immediately spin around the world…

even with this version you need to switch on the chaos-vehicle plug-in, someone did a few videos about using chaos with a 4 wheeled vehicle, i’ve found works better than the old system but you’ll still need to a lot of tweaking

Does simulation caching work now in 4.26? It seems to only work in 4.23.

Okay, Thanks! I thought the vehicle template is already using the chaos version.

Anyone have any recommendations on this problem before I just revert back to PhysX?

It seems in 4.26 chaos preview my anchor fields don’t work, does it work differently now or is this a bug? I was also wondering if replication is still a thing that’s worked on. It seems the client breaks the pieces the same way as the host, which is great, but it glitches like crazy in the client game.

Overall, I’m really happy we can use Chaos now without having to build the engine. That being said, having used Apex alot it’s still a bit of a hassle to work with. Apex (for me) works more “out of the box” whereas Chaos still needs a lot of steps to implement, like creating anchor field and sleep field blueprints. I hope in the future it will become more accessible in that sense.

Hi, i downloaded the chaos version of UE4 from the Epic launcher. Everything works except import from Megascan. I can’t get the bridge to install properly. If i start a project the editor crashes saying that Plugin ‘megascansplugin’ failed to load because module… could not be found.
I’ve uninstalled it twice and reinstalled and it still has the same errors…

It DOES install on 4.26 without the extra plugin… but not on the one with Chaos. Any ideas please?

So, with Nv, in order to make cloth collide with environment we had to use a hack, which applied micro-movement to the cloth actor. What is it now in Chaos? Because the option “collide with environment” never did anything and the hack doesn’t work anymore.

This has been driving me crazy. Glad I am not the only one who noticed. Global Gravity only affects character and projectile movement as far as I can tell. It is not having any effect on other actors or static meshes with physics enabled. Everything just falls at the same rate.

Only happens for me in 4.26.Chaos. Without Chaos everything behaves as expected.