Unreal Engine 4.25 Preview

I hear you but my project is a market place asset so I will have to upgrade it to 4.25 regardless. The question is: is it worth it to release it now if 4.25 is coming out in few days?
So, let’s not branch far from the original question. Any ETA for 4.25? (other than soon)

end of this month, I guess

For marketplace assets, it’s always worth having it available for the oldest engine version possible, as not all teams/projects use the latest version :wink:

I hope so. That’s only 5 days away
So far I haven’t heard anything from officials tho

Not always. Teams that can’t upgrade their project are likely to be far in their progress they won’t buy new code assets, at least not a complicated blueprint like mine.

when will skylight get light channel???

I am also experiencing this fatal build as mentioned earlier [TABLE=“cellpadding: 0, cellspacing: 0”]

Suppression State

Cannot open include file: ‘TraceServices/SessionService.h’: No such file or directory

Has anyone else experienced this problem with 4.25.0?

Was this ever resolved - I have the same issue

I’m having the same issue. I opened a case for it earlier this week but have not heard back yet.

DOES 4.25/7 has cloth working the way it’s supposed to?

Can confirm. Happens here aswell with 4.25 p7 .

question remains unanswered
Wy cant I see any 4.25 preview in the epic game launcher?

Bring a engine instalation (on Epic Launcher), then you will se a drop down arrow on the right of the version, click and see all the version !


Bug report people aren’t responding and this is still not on the fix list.

case 00171212

Thats horrid, so what causes it,I know this isn’t relevant, but Id also love to know why the dreaded ‘circle of death’, shadow light sometimes, follows character on most areas of my world comp project, and prob. other projects. It just ruins realism , but YA this does too! Do we know what causes this or is it on earlier pages…

Has anyone run 4.25 Preview on a Mac running High Sierra. I’m guessing it’s the end of the road for my old cheesegrater with an Nvidia TitanXp.

I created a fresh 4.25preview7 c++ project and created a BlueprintFunctionLibrary. VisuallStudio/IntelliSense or whatever else doesn’t seem to like this as it throws an error on the class definition “type MYPROJECT_API is incomplete”.

It works fine for e.g. Actors where the MYPROJECT_API is also specified in the class definition of the .h file.

Anyone knows what’s going on there?

where is the preview 8 post? I want to see what was fixed @VictorLerp <3


4.24 has been released! This thread is now closed, please continue future discussions in the linked 4.25 release thread. Thanks for all your feedback during the previews!