Unreal Engine 4.22 Released!

Thanks! The new Raytacing documentation is great. I wish it would mention though if support for the currently unsupported things is planned at some point for raytracing, I especially wonder about:

  1. Virtual Reality
  2. HISMC
  3. Procedural Mesh

those are currently marked as “No” regarding raytracing support. Is support for that coming soon, or not planned at all?

Great!!! After 7 Prereleases today is what we were waiting for. A Game changer.

Hahaha finally :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s happening! So many cool new features! Thanks Epic!

Not sure I understand the Subsystem nodes. Does it mean I can override GameInstance then access my custom variables without having to cast to MyGameInstance? I always hated having to do that.

Great work! looking forward to implementing a ton into my workflows. Thanks Epic

Are there any plans to update some of the documentation on the new composure workflows? Its all a black box for me right now, and very different than the current docs. Or even a few hints. ie load plugin-add composure panel-create new comp-add layer to the comp and camera. Use layer panels to isolate objects you want to add to the comp layer etc
Is that new panel strictly for exporting layers?
Or do we comp in there? how to add white backgound to geometry we put on layer.
Can we have unlit material and shadow, like the old workflow?


I hear ya! However, keep in mind that this set of features is still Early Access and I didn’t want to over-promise on these features by including a release build only to have to change it.

If it’s listed there, it’s planned to be supported or at the very least investigated, which is the case with Virtual Reality. Some Ray Tracing features will probably be too expensive to work well with VR however some, like shadow support, may be good enough, but it’s something that has to be looked into and wasn’t within the scope of 4.22’s release.

I’m managing this set of docs, so I intend to update as things become more concrete because I do get how excited everyone is for these features and how much they are looking forward to implementing them in their own projects!

Unfortunately NVLink Bridge is not yet supported. :frowning:

hey hey! congrats on the release.
Sadly --even after discussing with @VictorLerp – the cascade bug is still present.
I submitted another bug-report just in case.
Video showing the issue:

Looks great…

So to change the C++ standard I have to change both UE4 target.cs as well as the project target.cs?

Anyone else seeing a huge performance hit on Oculus Go/GearVR with 4.22?

Woooohoooow finally. But download speed is soooo slow :frowning: I guess the Epic Servers are at their limit :smiley:
Can’t wait to test the new compilation improvements!

Build times did not change at all for me. It takes 1 minute for a full rebuild and 32 seconds for an incremental build in 4.22, same as in 4.21.
Using latest VS2017.

Uhm will the UnrealVS Visual studio plugin be updated to work with VS2019?

Multi-User Editing sounds like the right step forward for easier collaboration finally!

this thing is getting rediculous
might have to start messing with ue4 again

impressive work epic chaps and chapesses

Wheeeee I’ve made it as a contributor! :smiley:

Is screen space GI included that works for AMD?

Am I doing something wrong here or have I missed something? I’ve downloaded the latest and tried to install 3 times but all I get is 4.21.2 (which I already had), never 4.22. What am I (not) doing??? (I’m probably going to feel such a dork!)

As I said! Dork! I forgot the + button! I fell smaller than a pinhead now!