Unreal Engine 4.19 Released

Around July 5th we probably have something concrete about 4.20.

I can’t wait to say 4.19 goodbye.

I cant wait to goodbye my prototype game over a mountain cliff :slight_smile:

cool… 4.20 will give me the workable base I need to move forward…

huh?.. did someone say wish list? hmmm… well, now that epic has reached the platform of the elite… I think I worry most about epic becoming a gargantuan 10-20 gb beast… almost like its time to start thinking of separate engines for specific purposes… like basic engine for beginners, sequencer engine for movie makers, vr engines for, well, vr… maybe buy mixamo from adobe and have a character creator engine… yup… you’ve become exactly what I saw so many years ago (smile)… happy trails

“Epic” as a company sure has more than that amount of data…
Do you mean the Engine installation (it has long surpassed that figure) or min size of project executable?

Absolutely NOT this! You can already deactivate certain subsystems as Plugins, that’s the proper way forward, not in creating separate single purpose Engines…

well @Cpt Trips i’m sure epic programmers are much smarter than I am… I was jus sayin’… I only make movies and don’t need a lot of the engine…just as fortnite forked out, there might come a time, who knows, certainly not me (smile)… I think the engine is about 6.5gb now to start… its crazy, I still remember 20MB hard drives in ‘93 (chuckle)… but as I think back, seems that when I managed things in the working world there came a time when everyone began to step one each others toes, and separation of tasks became a more efficient way to improve workflow… as I said… jus sayin’… not being a complainer (smile)

@**northstar: **Not sure what exactly you’d like to see stripped from a “sequencer engine for movie makers” anyways. It would still need (or benefit from) the majority of systems (render pipeline, visual scripting system, material editor, animation suite, particle editor, sound engine etc. etc). And then to what benefit? Just for a smaller on-disk size?

The 6.5GB would be the download size btw. (presumably - I haven’t checked), it’s 20+ GB after installation. Fortunately though, modern hard drives do have quite a bit more space than the 20MB of ye olde days, don’t they? ;p) (And yes, I do remember those times, too - I don’t miss the 90s that much though).

On the other hand, Epic chose the “specialized version” approach already with the “Studio” Edition to some degree, so you are not entirely off here (even though it adds features, not the other way around).

Not a bad idea maybe. I’m just saying, I am making an indy RPG and I use maybe 25% of the engine. All that movie and sequencer and fancy lighitng stuff that is way more than I can use anyway. I would rather see errors fixed than fancy stuff added. A separation might be a way to go provided that the basic engine receives stability work

A separation would make it more unstable since now there are 2 separate versions of the engine to support.


interesting… ok, lets say we have a basic engine… it has the basics, basic lighting, B landscape, B materials, B chars etc that is for pc only… then as you are downloading you check a box for game or sequencer or vr or phone or mac… sequencer is actually a plug in now, but everyone gets one whether they want it or not… or, like they do now, add the package as a package to downld later and add to project…

then mac ppl will work on mac programming rather than having to fix the pc programmers cross circuits… I certainly don’t need ray trace for a movie, I don’t even use a char bp for my chars, just a pawn bp… I don’t know, I just always preferred fast and sleek over big and bulky…

but either way, i’m still a happy camper to even have access to an a-list engine (smile)

well anyways… seems it would be a logical thought, we work with modular… modular buildings, modular characters, modular models, modular teams… the next logical step would be a modular engine

remember the new audio guy who came in and said ‘just rip it out and build a new one’… then a few months later came back and said that that was not going to happen, the audio was so intertwined throughout the engine that it would have to be fixed in place… well… if just putting in a simple audio engine feels like chopping thru the amazon jungle with a butter knife, that should have been the first sign… seems adding audio ‘should be’ as easy as adding a few lines of code in the base engine to add the headers and such (however code works)…

jus sayin’, if it were me I would set a separate team to start doing just that, B4 everything snowballed out of control… games, VR, movies, design, etc… that is about all an engine can be expected to do… the applications of these things of course is a whole different story… but, if the boat don’t float… the boat don’t float

seems illogical. Why would you make them do extra work to make thigns modular functionality wise. I prefer them fix the actual bugs in the engine like the issues i have with actor merging and hlod system creating 0 poly meshes… which still exist… which means i cant use anything nice for helping performance.

well, because if the programmers are anything like me, bugs would bug me… I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until I fixed that thing

but I agree, it would be a bear to re-write a basic engine… but epic has the money now… I look in long term rather than immediate satisfaction, once it is done the engine would be bug free and just the plug-ins would need tweaking… as it stands now, fixing something has an effect on everything down the line because someone else just plugged into the bug and now there are 50 bugs and it might be in 100 places in the code… fix it once and walk away I say

but i’m just passing time until 4.20… cant move any farther until I get 360 spin on my cameras and characters… I suppose I could build the next level but i’m already two ahead and I don’t like going back to previous levels to change a method… I like consistency throughout

jus passin’ time (smile)

Unity is doing just that… But they still have more bugs than UE4 last time I checked

UE4 have too many hardcoded stuff because legacy code from earlier engines were “game project centric” not really thought out to be flexible.

Those hardcoded things can’t be simply converted to plugins until someone fix them.

Yeah, there is ongoing work on making engine modular and divide functionality into plugins but sadly this is not probably going to get that big because of backward compatibility. Backward compatibility seems to be like curse sometimes. Exactly what Bruno said, there is too many hardcoded stuff and legacy code which is complicating everything. With nice modular setup it would be much easier to create sets of automation test, as it is what is epic continously working on too. I belive dividing codebase into smaller chunks and using automated testing is something what can stop growing of this “monster” in the wrong way.

good points… legacy and BW compat… to do something like that they would almost have to make UE5… sometimes I wish I had taken up coding, I would probably do it just for fun, but then again I would never get any more sleep… the beast exists, and just like mans inhumanity to man, the best we can do… is the best we can do… then again, a 10,000 mile trip starts with the first step

hmm, bw comp in ue5… well the base engine is just the shell with 1000 pages of includes… the base code would have to be bullet proof, the parts that never change… then… oops, there I go again(smile)

Is there documentation as to "How to Update your Linux Client 4.15 to 4.19 anywhere on the block - is this just the Engine to update or is it required to Download the whole new Linux Client Version to 4.19 complete. What happened to the Download. “Get Unreal” it use to have all available pkgs Win/Mac/Linux - Clients and Server version pkg files to download. No Longer See any Linux files now. Top right “Get Unreal” … Less it be in the forest of the trees I don’t see. musta be missing something. AtomicB.

Nobody cares about Linux LOL

you very good

Really cool update. I wonder if my amon amarth pc would work well.