Unreal Engine 4.18 Released!

I’m having the same (or possibly just a similar) issue on my project. For me, whenever I load a level with a landscape all the landscape shaders need to be recompiled. I don’t even need to close the editor, just go to a different level and back again. I was hoping the Boy and His Kite sample would have the same issue but no luck. Working on stripping out most of the content from my project so I can post it with a bug report on the AnswerHub.


I really appreciate the hotfix since it seems to have gotten rid of issue “UE-53126 Unknown by landscape material warning logspam when launching onto Android/HTML5/iOS/tvOS” which has been quite a headache ever since we upgraded the project to 4.18.

However, right after upgrading the project to 4.18.2 from 4.18.1, whenever we build or cook it, we get a “DerivedDataCache is too slow when accessing…” when cooking uassets and and the process just hangs in there for ever (or for at least 2 hours, which is the most I have wait for since the issue started) - I posted a related, more detailed question in the answerhub as well.


Any sort of input, help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

It seems 4.18.2 doesn’t load the cached data from 4.18.1 instead it thinks you wiped out your save and goes ahead and recompiles the lot lol.

I clocked loading times on my maps. 4.16 loads the map in 5 seconds while 4.17 and 4.18 take 14 seconds. That is quite the difference.

Any ideas why this is? Is it because of the changes in 4.17’s Asset Registry?

Not sure what’s causing the slowdown, but… this was submitted to main branch few days ago.

For those having this issue with the shaders compiling, try deleting the folder **AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\Common\DerivedDataCache **.

I’m having a performance bug in the editor when I open menus or editor windows (mesh editor, mat editor, mat instance editor, etc). I created a report here. Anyone know of a solution or have something similar?

So good! Can’t wait to mess around with the new update!

This worked for me at least. Thanks.

Thank you, Jon, for your perfect support. It helped to delete this folder. Now everything is working fine with 4.18.2. and i can continueing my work. I am using UE4 now every day and learn it better and really like how it is growing and so many good games and animations are done with epic´s unreal engine. A nice christmas time for you and the team. ,-) greetings from germany.

That’s great, I’m glad to hear this solution worked!

Am I the only one having awful performances on the editor? It’s been happening since 4.18 and all the hotfixes didn’t do a thing.

Basically if I’m focusing on the viewport I get normal fps (capped at 60), but whenever I mouse over a button or pretty much anything else in the editor, the fps suddenly drop to a constant 30. If a new windows opens up (or even a simple popup, like the one that asks to restore tabs after the editor crashed) cause the fps drop. It’s getting really annoying…

EDIT: @Wilkes I just saw that you have my exact problem… did you find a solution yet?

Do you have a g-sync monitor?

Please fix UE-46656. Since this bug was introduced several months ago large parts of my game now simply don’t work. We’ve had multiple updates since, yet this serious, game-breaking bug has been left. It’s six months since it was reported.

Yes I do. So you thing it’s related to that?

The editor doesn’t work with gsync. Only solution is to disable gsync for it in nvidia control panel. See here:

You’re right, I tried disabling it and the issue is gone. But I don’t understand, before switching to 4.18 I was using version 4.14 a lot, and I didn’t have any issues there…

Also, I’ve got another problem related to DPI scaling. Up until 4.18 everything was fine. Now the editor looks “big”. I noticed that there is an option to change DPI scaling, so I’ve tried that, but it always look the same.

For now as a workaround I’m opening the editor with the command line adding the option -nohighdpi, and it works (you can see it in the image), but it’s quite annoying to open it always like that… does anyone know a solution?

Not sure it’ll work but you might be able to just right click the editor exe and disable dpi scaling in properties.

I forgot to mention that I’ve already tried that, didn’t work. But thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

hi, is there anyplace i can download 4.18.1? i upgraded to 4.18.2 and now the remote control plugin is causing crash at the play in editor.