Unreal Engine 4.14 Preview

Will we have a way (when using forward) to exclude objects from motion blur ? This is badly needed on vehicles etc.

I just read up on Nvidia Ansel - no stereo 360 deg. shots, all mono? :confused:

I have two questions about 4.14 Preview 1:

  1. Is simulate mode viewport updating broken for anyone else? On my computer it doesn’t update viewport at all unless I keep mouse left clicking on it… 4.14 promoted builds didn’t do this.

  2. Any plans on getting any kind of dynamic shadows on 4.14 forward when static lighting is disabled? I’d mainly want to have directional light (sun on outdoor levels). Only way I can get dynamic shadow casting on 4.14 forward is if I keep static lighting enabled and put directional light into stationary.

Try to use FXAA instead of Temporal AA. It helps for wheels at least.

Virtual bones sounds useful !

Hi 0lento,

If you have an error that you believe to be a bug in 4.14 preview, please post it to the answerhub in the bug reports section (link in signature).

I am using MSAA now. My question was about motion blur specifically, not AA, though the same feature would be helpful for AA.

I’m really excited for the Network update =)

Keep up the great work Team Epic!

Is it possible to use the forward renderer in an outdoor scene with one dynamic movable light source (sun) ?

Vehicles update!!! Hooray.

Hopefully this will be a bit more stable than 4.13. These random crash/freezes are getting annoying.

Where is the ‘included’ Ansel Documentation found?

you’re on to something i think :wink:

Not in 4.14, possibly in future releases.

Motion blur is currently broken in 4.14 with MSAA, will hopefully get fixed before the final release.

Is a 4.14 option going to be added to the Product Version dropdown or should I just leave it as “Not Specified”?

I’d strongly recommend everyone with PC VR projects to try out the forward renderer immediately with this preview and post feedback! There’s a small window where bug fixes (but not new features) may still make it into the final 4.14 release.

Is there any news on whether or when we’d get mixed reality support?

Does Forward Rendering already work on mobile phones?

SDL was merged into master at the beginning of the month ( but there was no mention of it in the preview release notes. Is this going to make it into 4.14?