Unreal Engine 4.13 Preview

Yup Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-29885)

Awesome work yet again! Keep it up.

Shader complexity for lit masked materials seems to be significantly higher in 4.13. Never noticed something like that in previous preview releases, so i thought this is worth a mention.

4.13 Preview 2


My bad, now i understood how to use it, procedural salami slice gun is on the way :wink:



Does anyone know what video format to use with the media framework on the mac, none of the formats i am trying to use are working??

I have a question concerning this screenshot that never occured to me before and is maybe quite silly. So When I import meshes, they are set to BlockAll. And setting the asset to NoCollision with Collision Complexity set to default, this prevents me from having object collsion. So what is this setting in your screenshot for? Also, the tooltip says that it would save memory to deactivate this. Is this true? How much are we talking here? I can see with “Collision” view tag in the static mesh editor enabled, that with the tick set, it shows me the underlying collision primitves it would use. In my case, the mesh itself as the complexity is set to Default which is now the mesh itself. if I did import it without any other options (My objects dont have dedicated collision geometry prepared and I do not generate collision primitives for the objects because I do not need them most of the time). Does this mean that every asset contains 2 times the same data for collision and for the mesh itself?

Just noticed that UE-14253 was marked as resolved. Was it included in 4.13 preview 2 ?

This option for “Enable Collison” refers to setting the Collision Complexity for the mesh in the details panel.


When you set it to Use Complex as Simple Collision this will enable per-poly collision.

The Enable Collision checkbox is enabled automatically for LOD0. If you’re not using complex as simple (per-poly) then it can be disabled. The cost of per-poly collision is more expensive since it’s more complex than simple convex shapes, boxes, spheres, or capsules.
I don’t have specific numbers but it’s a good optimization if you’re not using it to disable this where possible.

When you import, if you don’t need to generate collision shapes disable it on the Import Options panel by unchecking Auto Generate Collision.

Yes!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the #1 fix I will be upgrading to 4.13 for. I’m surprised they didn’t put that one in the change list.

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Nice work on 4.13 so far! I love the mesh slicing thingy.

I was wondering if there is any chance you guys can confirm/deny if pr #2491 will make it to 4.13?

I really need this one in order to be able to share my custom planar reflection plugin which allows for render target access of the reflections in materials (not to mention you can potentially get better performance versus the build-in planar reflection actor).
It’s a fairly small code change that doesn’t affect anything in a negative way since it’s an optional bool (disabled by default).
It was submitted around the 4.12 release but got no word since then… it will be really unfortunate if this gets delayed to 4.14 even though 4.13 final isn’t out :frowning:

Doesn’t look this has been integrated that I can tell. The ticket is still marked as “To Do” and I don’t see these specific changes in our latest internal build either. Pull request generally take some time before they are reviewed and considered for integration. Seeing this ticket for this pull request was entered in mid-June it may still be a little bit.

I don’t know if it’s my eyes playing tricks on me but even the sky/ground look more expensive - would be good to find out officially if there are any new project settings or lit/common shader changes that might add instructions to all materials (didn’t spot any on a quick glance through the changelist).

It looks like 4.13 will be the best release for mobile :o

Thanks for the report! I’ve submitted a ticket for this to be investigated. You can track it here on our public issues page if you’d like: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-34873)

SOOOOO pleased to see this checkin today, can’t wait for preview 3 - hoping its in there, if it is I might just throw caution to the wind and move my project to 4.13 now. :slight_smile: (after a backup of course) :wink:

The Mac Cursor issue is already fixed in preview 2! I just verified it myself! It is GLORIOUS!!!

Don’t use previews for production projects, though, seriously. I have been bitten hard by updating projects too soon. I always wait for at least 4.x.2 before attempting an upgrade for production projects. Saves a lot of pain and anguish.

Thanks, that is great to hear. :slight_smile:

Is Ambient Occlusion on Ladscapes is available on this release?

We currently have Screen Space AO (Post Process Volume), Distance Field AO, and baked lighting where you can enable AO for lightmass baking in world settings.

I’m not aware of any others that I’ve heard features about with the upcoming release. Would you be able to elaborate more or point to where you had heard about something? I can possibly clear up any confusion or information from there.

Ok, so AO in Post Process Volume on ladnscapes, terrain etc. So I dont need create any AO textures in my Landscape Material with dynamic lights only? I just curious, because i really looking some technic like this beautiful example: