Unreal Editor Launcher won't launch Editor

When I first installed UE4 it started up just fine. I was able to go through the launch page into the editor. Now when I try to launch the editor it only appears as a process on task manager and nothing else.
I’ve looked at similar problems on here and on the web but none of them seem to fit my case or have solutions that don’t work for me.

To be clear. The startup page with my library and the community portal stuff works fine. Its clicking on the yellow launch button that nothing happens except the unrealeditor.exe process in task manager.

I am running this on a win 7 desktop, amd fx 6core, amd 7970, 8gb RAM

Hi Jimonions,

If you try opening the UE4Engine.exe file directly, will the editor launch then?

C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.6\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Engine.exe

Afterwards, follow the link below and post your dxdiag along with any logs files if they were generated.

I followed the paths it told me to look for but I don’t have them.

this directory does not exist in my AppData folder
Windows: C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\UnrealEngineLauncher\Saved\Logs

For the verbose logs section it told me to navigate here:
C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\Launcher\Engine\Programs\NoRedist\UnrealEngineLauncher\Config

This directory does not exist either in my program files folder.

I’ve installed UE4 onto my external under D: which could cause these directories to not be created?

If you have it installed on your D drive then they should be located in the same path listed above except on the D drive instead of the C drive. Are they located there?

Yes I’ve checked both my C and D

I mean “no” they aren’t on C nor D

Sometimes installing the editor on a external drive can cause odd issues. Do you have room on your internal drive to install it? If so, let me know if it works correctly.

Sorry was away for Winter break.
I reinstalled on my internal and it looks to be working fine thanks.

Does this mean if I ever want to install it on an external ssd it will have problems? I move around and like having everything in one place between my laptop and desktop.

Hi Jimonions,

Yeah, we don’t recommend installing the editor on an external drive. We have had users successfully do it in the past but it generally has poor performance due to the transfer rate of hard drive cables.

You can however install UE4 on as many devices as you need (PC and laptop) then keep your projects on your external hard drive.