Unreal API thread safety

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Is it possible to parallelize Unreal API functions, such as raycasts?

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Helloooow anyone ?

I know very little about this, other than I’m fairly certain that any collision-based items such as traces have to be done as part of the Game Thread.

Somebody like Rama, CMartel or JamesG would know better though, I’ve honestly not used Multi-Threading in UE4 yet. There are a couple of tutorials from Rama here on Multi-Threading though just in case you haven’t seen them yet:

My thought would be try it and see what happens. It looks like PhysX supports it (see here). I’d be shocked if this functionality wasn’t on the roadmap somewhere, so it would be nice to know if this is already a planned feature or not.

I think PhysX is already multi-threaded in UE with the async scene. It does does not work as well as in Unity, but it seems they are on it