Unreal.answerhub license expired?

Your License Has Expired - UE4 AnswerHub ( is blocking all my access to answers now, even with private browsing. My license is UE5 Early Access - what’s the deal with this?


Hi, you are not alone with this. Same for me this morning. It does not relate to your UE license, it’s a problem with the AnswerHub site - which hopefully will be history soon.
Seems to be not the first time that this happens.


Same with me. I send a message to sales of answerhub. Dont know if they will answer.

:rofl: You think Epic need some spare change? Some side-reading…

Looks like it’s working this morning. Even if they stop people from adding/replying/editing material there and migrate it, the thing is Google has indexed all of that material so it’s going to be some project to get people pointed to old content in a new place!

Was happening to me as well but is fixed now.