Unity's DOTS vs Unreal engine - questions

Hello, and I’ll be most glad to!

Our current Details implementation is based on Unreal’s UObject infrastructure, supporting all of the current features of UE (including GC), but essentially making data-driven ECS workflow available. There are more features on top of that like you can actually have OOP hierarchies of Details (Components) and process them in a generic way. Also multiple Details of the same type are allowed per entity.

Our next step is the new Traits system. We’ve already implemented most of the functionality. The Beta is due to be available in like 5 days, for those who actually purchased the tool and verified it via email. It is a pure UScriptStruct, GC-less, linear and cache-friendly approach. It is mainly targeted towards performance and we are also preparing a cross-platform benchmark to fine-tune that.

Here is a small Traits-based teaser for the upcoming suite: How much is many? Apparatus Benchmarking Teaser - YouTube

Make sure you also visit our Discord Channel for more info: Turbanov Toolworks

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Glad to deliver some great data-driven news on this thread. Apparatus can now be considered functionally complete as the new cache-local, GC-less traits subsystem is done and ready for production use, covered by automated tests.

The solution is fully and natively integrated within current Unreal infrastructure supporting both C++ and BP workflows. You can now use UE for rendering mainly and implement all of your game logic via ECS blueprints and/or C++ code.

The framework is now available at here: Apparatus in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace