Unity to Unreal questions


I want to ask some questions about similar features between Unity and Unreal.

  1. In Unity, when using really far away Camera for “fake” orthographic style, you can just move the close clip plane and everything like Shadow Cascades and SSAO distance will be calculated depending on that distance. Is there an Anchor or something like that in UE4 Camera, so I can move it closer and not adjust all the settings?

  2. Is it possible in UE4 to just apply a material with custom HLSL to a texture, then do it, again and again, each frame or with a certain delay? It is useful for simulation shaders, like this for example - Shader - Shadertoy BETA

  3. Is it possible to load Map additively? For example, in an isometric game, if the character transitions from one level to another, I don’t want to unload the previous level yet, in case the player might want to go back. And if played getting close to a door leading to another level, I want to asynchronically load the next level.

  4. In Unity you can just disable/enable whole prefabs/objects. I can’t find this feature in Unreal, if I use BluePrint Class and drag it into Scene, can I simply turn it off?

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I’m not a graphic artist so I can’t speak to the first two questions at all, but I can offer input on 3 and 4.

3: Yes, you can have sublevels load in and out asynchronously with sublevels: Collaborate with Sublevels | Unreal Engine Documentation. Sublelevls load in and out quite quickly, so you don’t need to worry about unloading things too early. They will load back in a matter of seconds. But you have full control over when to load or unload them. If you prefer to let the engine decide, you can place volumes that will load and unload levels depending where your camera is.

4: Depends on what you’re looking for exactly. Do you want to make an entire blueprint invisible? Just set “Actor Hidden In Game” to true at runtime. If you want to turn it off completely (i.e. not running any logic) then you’ll need to turn off Tick on the actor and all of its components.

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oh, thanks for your reply)