Unable to Download 4.10.2

Hi, my system committed suicide on Friday and after recovering all my software, UE4 seems to not like the old instillation, however i need the 4.10.2 version as its the same one i use at college and they refuse to update. does anyone know how to download it? its not showing up when you select the version to download. it only shows 4.10.4 and i cant use that.

Hi Lite5h4d0w,

This is intended. When using the Binary version from the Epic Launcher, we only make the latest hotfixed version available because they include major bug fixes.

Here is a list of those changes by version number:

4.10.3 & 4

With that being said, if you absolutely need it, all engine versions are available on Github. You could create a Github account and build that version of the engine from source.

ok, thanks but this is really annoying for me as i have to go through a lot of trouble just to get the other version as i cant use the hot fixed version at college due to lazy technicians at college ^^

any chance of a link to the download as i cant seem to find a download for 4.10.2 on your github page

Here you go.

It sounds like you have already done this, but just make sure your Github account is linked properly to the EpicGames Github account to access this link.

i have followed the steps but i still cant access it. this is a lot of work just for a old version of UE4 :confused:

Could you link me to the steps you are using? The process changed a few versions ago, it’s possible you have the old steps.

You should be able to:

  • Download and unzip the zip file

    First run ‘setup.bat’

    Once finished, run

    Open the solution file, then build
    with Visual Studio 2015

the steps to get access to the source code… I’m still denied access to you r github page. this is getting extremely annoying

Unreal Engine 4 on GitHub - Unreal Engine, this is getting extremely annoying.

I’m sorry that this is becoming aggravating. This process generally isn’t this difficult

For whatever reason, the link that you posted above shows ‘404 Page Not Found’.

I have added one of our more Github savy techs. He will post here with some additional question/suggestions.

Hey Lite5h4dow-

After associating your GitHub account and your Epic Games account (step 2 of the link you posted). You should get an email from GitHub on the account that you signed up to GitHub with. Following the link in the email should take you to a GitHub page to join the Epic Games repository where you can download the source engine. If you do not see an email with the subject of “[GitHub] EpicTeamAdmin has invited you to join the Epic Games organization” then you can follow this wiki tutorial to confirm that your Epic Games account and GitHub account are associated correctly:


Doug Wilson

great, this worked… but where is 4.10.2 i only see 4.10… no specific versions…

If you clink on the “Here you go” link TJ Ballard provided it will take you directly to the page for 4.10.2 where you can download the zip file.

thanks, i have the source now, the email wasnt sent, i had to make a new account, how to i launch the source through the launcher, i ran the .BAT files in the Zipped folder.

The Launcher can only recognize binary versions of the engine that it downloads/installs. To open the source engine you can navigate to where it was installed and go into the Engine/Binaries/Win64 folders and open the UE4.exe. However, when you are using an engine built from source, the project associated with the source engine will show in the Library tab of the Launcher with other projects. Tim Lincoln’s answer in the following post shows how to switch an existing project to run using the new source built engine: