Unable to determine home directory for remote user

Sadly didn’t work for me. I can connect to my Macbook via ssh. I have 10.14.2 and Windows 10 with UE 4.21.1

Sadly didn’t work for me also :frowning:
I can connect to my Macbook via ssh. I have 10.14.2 and Windows 10 with UE 4.21.1

This too worked for me, thanks. This solution is preferable rather than moving the key in another directory, as it allows to share the key with other projects.

@Kafumanto What version of MacOS are you using? Similar to @gringlas I’m using Mojave 10.14.2 and 4.21.1 and getting the same error despite attempting this fix.

macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Anyway the issue is not with the remote Mac, but in Windows. The error prevent rsync to connect to the remote machine. I tested both the suggested solutions and they work. Double check your issue is the one reported: I dont remember the details, but if you look further in the logs there is the precise command line to use to reproduce the issue.

@Kafumanto yeah, definitely getting the permission denied error. Found the command line to use and it just spits out the permission denied error.

Edit: Removing the SSHKeys folder entirely from the UnrealBuildTool folder and re-generating the key worked for me.

So…just in case you’re like me, make sure your mac hasn’t fallen asleep while you’re trying to build :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving the key file to content did the trick once i figured that out. Thanks!

Trandana you are the best! I saw this exact post months ago, fixed it, but now I built a new PC.

It took me an hour to find this thread but now I have the bookmark saved (: The secret is to remove all other users from permission and ONLY have “USERS” or else the error persists. Brilliant.

Changing permissions as said by @Trandana in screenshots, finally worked for me !!!

Worked for me as of UE 4.26. Removed all, added USERS and assigned Full control to them.

I had it working previously and noticed after an Update to my Mac that it no longer worked with remove building.
Navigate to your mac->SystemPreferences… → Sharing and take note of the Remove Login information, if the Server name has changed (Example from to you have to update the Server Name in Project Settings and then go on to Generate a new SSH Key for your project.

Very straight forward process, takes about 3-5 minutes and you’ll be able to compile again in no time!

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