Unable to add value to variable in widgetBP from object BP

Hey, i haven’t used ue4 in a while and i need a little assistance.
I have 3 blueprints that are involved which are:

  • Stick_BP
  • MyCharacter
  • Inventory Widget

This is the Stick_BP:

This is the MyCharacter BP

This is the Inventory Widget. The event graph contains nothing at the moment because I’ve removed all my attempts at making this work. This is just a function for a text box.

What i want to happen is when the Activate Pickup event is triggered, the StickAmount variable in the inventory widget gets 1 added to it.
I’ve tried many things with no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Just learnt some of this. This is on overlap, he picks up flour. I have not got looping going yet. just the once over, but not that hard to loop.



Hey! I’ve just tried something like that in my stick_bp and i couldn’t get it to work:

which gives me this error:

I also tried this:

This gives me no errors but it doesn’t add 1 to the value.
When I play and watch the Stick_BP event graph I can see that that its not casting.

Any ideas?

Yup, give this a go.

In you stick BP:

Then what I did above.

So: Get Character reference. Set as VAR. Call that VAR to get current player AMMO, add then you add Stick_AMMO to Player AMMO. Then Set Player AMMO. And then after that, if need be, Set World AMMO to 0

Edit: I would say that those errors are because the current BP is being created before what you are referencing.