UGS Primer

Apr 20, 2021.Knowledge

This primer is meant to help first-time users get an idea of what documentation is available for Unreal Game Sync. The listed Knowledge Base articles are a good starting point if you’re looking for a more practical set of guides to set things up, and the official documentation goes into details that the guides may not totally cover.

Available Documentation

  • Helpful Knowledge Base Articles:
    • Precompiled Binaries Guide - step-by-step guide to setting up precompiled binaries for your project to use with UGS
    • First-time UGS Client Setup - step-by-step guide to setting up the UGS client for a user for the first time.
    • UGS Menus Overview - more in-depth information about the various menus available from the main UGS window.
    • Common Issues - collection of common issues that users run into with UGS, and their solutions
  • Publicly Available Documentation
    • UGS Main Page - jump off point for understanding the purpose behind UGS
    • UGS Quick Start - covers common first-time setup information more in-depth than this document will.
    • UGS Sync Filter Setup - goes more in-depth on setting up sync filters for your projects so that users aren’t bringing down more data than necessary for their work.
    • UGS Reference - more in-depth information on UGS that covers:
      • source code locations
      • setting up the installer, metadata service, auto-update, and distribution of UGS, with troubleshooting tips
      • build process integration
      • project customization