UE5 Float Parameter

I’m using a AmbientSound source with an custom SoundCue with parameters to control which soundwave is played.
But the parameter somehow not handled over to the SoundCue.

For Example. If I toggle the rain (float parameter to from 0 to 1) then the SoundCue is still playing the Normal sound.

I recently updated from 4.27 to 5.0
The SoundCue worked in the old version, but not in the new version.

Does someone know what to do, and get the SoundCue working again.

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I have the same Problem, someone here fixed it with the apparently new “default parameters” on the sound cue but that’s not working for me for changing a boolean parameter while the sound is already playing. I hope that gets fixed real soon.

here is the other thread Unreal Engine 5 -> Problem with Sound Cue and Set Parameter Switch