UE5 Displacement for VR

Hi, I love all the new features on UE5, but as VR developer I’m worried about some features, mostly displacement, that have been replaced for nanite while we still don’t have support for nanite on VR.

Is there any alternative solution? or plans for nanite to run on VR in some “short” future?

By the way and without being willing to mess with the main question, the roadmap site now only show what is already done, is there any place to see what are the future plans or what is in development?

#vr #displacement #Nanite #ue5

Hi Geverk,

There is an intention for Nanite to work with VR in the very short-term future (5.1!)

But to my knowledge displacement (Specifically WPO) will not have Nanite support in the short-term.


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You have made my day!! I thought nanite for VR was far long to come.

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