UE4 “Zen Garden” using Metal API for iOS 8 revealed at WWDC

Here’s a Youtube mirror (with annoying commentary). The link takes you directly to when Tim walks up on stage. :slight_smile:

Polygon has it has well.

I want to see this Demo so badly, isn’t there perhaps a YouTube Link? I do not want to install QuickTime :frowning:

Great demo.
all architects want to design interactive projects with UE4.
Please make a version that automatically creates a bidirectional link with 3ds Max and build a content library with dynamic trees, grass, rocks, stones, walking people, vehicles, water shaders and…butterflies.

Wait… that looks awesome! But it looks like he forgot his text after the demo, hehe

While you’re at it, don’t forget to add the “create game” button!

Just amazing loved watching every bit of it! Great work guys!

Awesome stuff!
Now I’m curious, will Metal give enough punch to get any real time shadows running on iOS devices?
I guess this will increase the performance in general on iOS systems too?
Keep up the good work, I love your engine!

We are only allowed to provide folks with existing Beta SDK access with the integration code and we neither have a way to determine that, nor a good way to provide only those folks with it if we had an automated way.

Just saw the video and it looks incredible, I just love this man, Tim Sweeney for allowing us to be part of this. Great job as always Epic.

Amazing work! I especially like the butterflies :smiley:

Oh well, guess we will have to wait to sometime september.

Thanks for the answer Daniel and keep fighting the good fight for incredible tools!

Did I understand it right if the real claim here is that the per-mesh CPU setup cost in Metal is 1/10th that of OpenGL on iOS Touch devices?
So, things like fill rate, shader complexity, etc, are largely unaffected?
There was a mention of being able to use more shaders in Metal than OpenGL; I don’t quite understand where that number comes from?

Btw: The Metal documentation and iOS8 beta is up on developer.apple.com, so presumably the NDA is now lifted.

:smiley: Amazing. Go Epic!

If someone is stil interested, a youtube version of the complete Presentation in HD without any nonsense(commentary etc):


This is like MST3K or a snarky Let’s Play, except for live streams of tech conferences. They have a bunch of these. o.o

Thanks Memnarch for providing the Youtube Link :slight_smile:

EPIC! :cool:

Is Paper2D going to take advantage of Metal?

One of the Apple Metal demos is of a textured quad, like they’re kind of strongly suggesting it’s also ideal for 2D.

Here’s the demo:


Metal works on A7 devices (iPhone 5s, iPad Air) only.
You are right that fillrate, shader complexsity, etc doesn’t change; it only removes the OpenGL driver overhead, which gets reflected as CPU render time (it’s still the same GPU!).

I rememberyou guys mentioned something about a more expensive but more accurate type of reflection captures in the stream, are these similar to parallax corrected cubemaps and is it possible for me to use these in 4.2 or 4.3?

Awesome work!

It’s kind of a shame this is limited to iOS though, rather than superior game platforms - would be nice to see a consistent way to do this between NVIDIA/AMD on PCs.

Tablet/phone gaming isn’t that interesting to me, personally.