UE4, terrain and World Machine - any good training materials?

Can someone please point me to a comprehensive training materials about making epic terrains using UE4, World Machine and static models ?

I assume World Machine can be used to create base terrain, on which boulders and cliffs can be placed in UE4 (since World Machine won’t do overhangs/vertical walls/caves).

Also would be interested in learning scattering tools in UE4 to “paint” vegetation/rocks/debris/etc. over the terrain and how to “blend” areas where cliff/rock mesh meets the terrain so it doesn’t look like simply a sharp transition.

Is it also possible to have LOD on such terrain? (placed/scatters models would obviously need LOD too)


O.o no training materials (tutorials) about the subject ?

There are several things out there, I’m surprised your browser search feature didn’t find anything, maybe a typo ?
I’m not sure you meant ‘static models’, presumeably you mean non tiled ? If you’re referring to terrain , static isn’t a word I"d use to describe that.

WM ( worldmachine) can export ‘single’ terrains with no tiling, or tiled worlds which can be 20sq km’s , etc, which then import into the ‘world composition’ dialog in unreal editor, and there is a whole article about that on the wiki, as well there are tutorials on youtube and no doubt elsewhere showing how this can be done.

That should start you out on the right foot.