UE4 Gameplay Debugger guide outdated?

Is [this guide][1] outdated? I was inheriting the 2 classes according to this guide and can’t for the life of me get it going.

Then I dug deeper into engine code, and realized that apparently GameplayDebuggingHUDComponent class is deprecated.

Then I dug even deeper, and found out that instead of GameplayDebuggingHUDComponent, we now use GameplayDebuggerLocalController???

(Sidenote: You spelled “categories” wrong, it’s not “catories”

If this is the case, can the guide for Gameplay Debugger be updated? This will waste less of my time and cause less confusion for other people as well.


Hello Mantracker, I ran into the same problem. You can check FGameplayDebuggerCategory_* for Category example and seems it’s pretty straightforward. But i can’t understand how to register my category in GameplayDebugger. Maybe someone can help and explain?

I had difficulties following that guide too; eventually I concluded that it was deprecated, as you’ve found. I couldn’t find any decent information anywhere.

So I’ve written the following tutorial on the UE wiki:

If it doesn’t solve your problem directly (the guide is intended for use with a UActorComponent) then it should at least form a basis for you to base something of your own on. It is quite brief the minimum amount of code you need to implement a your own specialised FGameplayDebuggerCategory, but what with the serialisation approach it’s not easy to understand. Regardless, I expect the guide should show you the (new) way to do things and get you on your way.