UE4 free for students through Github , what about launcher,

Greetings, thank you for providing UE4 free for students through Github:Unreal Engine 4 Free for Students Through Github - Unreal Engine

But does this include the launcher version too or only the source code that you have to compile each time, Thanks!


The Launcer is included in the subscription for students. The account will not be any different than the standard, except your code will you 12 months of access. You can also download and purchase items from the marketplace.

Let me know if that helps.

Thank you for your reply. I have a friend who is registered with his email to one university, but github doesn’t seem to recognize his email. Can he show his registration admission for his university? Also Does he he have to create two accounts: one for github and the other for unrealengine.com to use the launcher version? After getting his 12 month code, can he get anotehr code for next year or renew it (wether he stays at the same university or chnage sit) or he only gets one 12 month code per life? Thanks


For complete GitHub setup instructions, please look into these links:

Your friend would need a github account to access the github repository. The accounts must be connected (guide in the links above).

If he is having difficulty creating a GitHub account, you would need to reach out to GitHub for help, I am not able to support their website.

Once the 12 months is up, he can absolutely carry on with a regular subscription or get a new code.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Ok he made an account and provided his proof for being a student, they told him to wait one week. Thanks! I hope he gets UE4.