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Article written by Alex K.

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  • The “obj list” command gives you a long list of all the UObjects that are currently loaded, along with object counts. This command is useful for identifying memory usage, and where most of your objects come from. You can then break down by specific class to see specific objects to determine the biggest uses of memory.
    • It gives artist-actionable feedback as well, since you can see exactly what uses the most memory.
  • Key point is making sure memory is only being used for things that absolutely have to be there.
  • Pay attention to Android Compression Type, it can make a huge difference!
  • LLM (low level memory tracker) is used to see high-level categories of memory usage.
    • It is useful to keep this data over time to know where the spikes are, and suggest where to optimize.
    • Also useful for finding memory leaks.
    • Note: This tool has to make some approximations, since we don’t know what additional allocations are being made by the Phone’s OS or drivers.

Device Considerations

  • Android has a very wide spectrum of devices and specs, whereas iOS has a much more limited scope across a generation.


  • When making a mobile game, you cannot max out the CPU/GPU or you’ll run into thermal throttling and battery drain.
  • Heat is a big consideration, and can greatly affect performance.
  • CSV and FPS charts are very helpful for performance “stat start fps”.
  • Looking for dropped frames is a useful metric for how good your performance is. (MVP30 / MVP60, about 1-2% dropped frame is good)
  • UE4 stats profiler is useful after narrowing down the issue from the above commands.
  • Recommended to test performance throughout the entire project, start this as soon in the project as you can!
  • Test using the lowest device you can support.
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Hello sir.I am currently facing some memory issue for my mobile game.

I took a simple empty level and it is having size map as follows

The reference viewer is as follows

Despite having simple level when i load the level on my device it is taking 500 mb ram

Here is the screenshot of my mobile

Here is the memory profiling tool info sir.

Here are my mobile logs as well sir
buuldingWars.log (110.5 KB)

Memory report of my level as well

loginToServer-Android-25-08.45.32.txt (41.9 KB)

How to debug it sir.Thank you