UdkTutorials.com is available for purchase.

Hey guys,

My name is Leandro and I have just begun looking for a buyer for my domain UdkTutorials.com

I was very fortunate to pick this domain up when I did and while I have been quite content generating revenue from parked ads, I feel it is time to let it go completely to someone who will put it to better use.

With a tiny bit of SEO work, this website could easily and quickly show up on the top spot of Google for anyone typing in “udk tutorials” and with better SEO and a bit more time, can even show up for simply “udk”.

I am currently trying to reach end-users, people selling their tutorials, though if I am unable to find a buyer then the domain will be put on the auction block, and I would prefer if that didn’t happen.

If you know anyone on this forum that may be interested, shoot them a PM for me. If you are interested in knowing more or if you have any other general questions, please shoot me an email at roadster213@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance for your consideration!