UDKAnimNodeBlendList equivalent in UE4

Hi All,

I’m looking for an equivalent to UDK’s AnimNodeBlendList in UE4.
I’ve gone through the animation blueprint tutorials, but it seems a bit cumbersome for my purposes.
All I want to do is set up a node with multiple inputs, and from code set the active node (blending from the previous animation).

I would really appreciate some input on how I can go about achieving this.

Thanks very much.

If you want to do things from code, I’d recommend setting up a Full Body slot and create a series of Anim Montages

you can customize the blend in and blend out times per montage , as assets in the editor

then in code, have a static or dynamic array of UAnimMontage* that are linked to each of your Anim Montage assets in the editor

then you can play that anim montage!

see shootergame C++ if you dont yet have the play anim montage function.

You can easily set all your UAnimMontage* as a dynamic array that is UPROPERTY(), in defaults of character class

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category="Yippee!")
TArray<UAnimMontage*> MontageList;


PS: make sure your montages are set to go to the FullBodySlot!

PSS: This would not be hard to make as your own Anim Node, the only part that might take a bit of work is the arbitrary number of inputs

Making Your Own Anim Nodes Wiki

Hi Rama,

Thanks very much for the quick reply. I’ll have a look at all your suggestions.