[Tutorial] Notepad++ as basic IDE.

Yes it can, I have a Code Accessor for it (and IDEA) that I started writing, so I’ll put that up soonish…

Response to my last reply.

I found an auto-completion plugin for Sublime Text.

Hey amigo :slight_smile: Any updates on this? I’ve been trying to get CLion working on Windows. Unfortunately the GenerateProjectFiles script doesn’t seem to work correctly when asked to create a cmake project on Windows. The SOURCE_FILES, HEADER_FILES and CONFIG_FILES sections are all empty:

cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.6)
project (UE4)

set(UE4_ROOT_PATH C:/Program Files/Epic Games/4.9)
set(BUILD bash ${UE4_ROOT_PATH}/Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Build.bat)






OMG, this is amazing, I’ve gotten used to use notepad (just the straight out windows notepad) with the UDK, and that visual studio thingy scared the **** outta me. I’ll totally go back to coding with this :slight_smile:

(really guys? censoring? How am I gonna use swearing as adjective now) JK

is this still a working thing. it seems like i need VS 2015 now? (i’m using version 4.12)

What is the minimum VS 2015 install to get this working? I loooooove n++ and i don’t relish the idea of using VS… thanks! :slight_smile: