[Tutorial nearly finished] Dynamic winter shader

Hello all,

I am nearly finished putting together my dynamic winter shader in UE4 and writing up the documentation for anyone to take a dig into the techniques and make their own or something similar. The documentation and shader are close to being done and will be uploaded very soon.

Since it is still WIP I thought I would make a short video to gather a bit of interest :slight_smile:


Looking forward for the tutorial :slight_smile:

Very excited for this! As a complete newbie to shaders and such i really appreciate that you will make is easy for us to follow as well! Thank you! :slight_smile: Oh and do you have plans to make a tutorial how to create a snow particle effect as well? Elemental Demo will probably have this included tho so not necessary but would be interesting to see how to create one!

You have my attention Mr. Benjam

Can this one also be modified into an rain/wet shader?

Looks great. Looking forward to your tutorial!

I’m looking forward to this!

The applications for this is mind boggling! I am definitely interested in seeing how you did this… especially through Blueprint!

Thanks for the interest guys :slight_smile: Still pluggin away at it at the moment. Making sure the doc is readable and the shader has all the stuff I want. SHouldn’t be too long before it’s all done and dusted, I’ll be sure to post up as soon as it is!

– Jur4nd: Yes we can definitely modify it to work as a dynamic wet shader. That’s a grand idea! :slight_smile:

Good to someone else willing to help people out with tutorials and so forth.
Keep it up :slight_smile:

Hows the tut going sir?

Looks cool Benjamin. Any ETA?

still looking for the update :smiley:

Hello people. I had a whirlwind of a 7 days so haven’t had a chance to finish up completely but part 1 is pretty much done. Expect that within the next day or 2. Part 2 will be docced up as soon as I can :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,

Part 1 is complete and uploaded!

find it here: http://benhearndesigns.webs.com/tutorials

Hello! Part 2 is now available, sorry for the epic delay I was in the process of moving countries so it was put on hold for a while.
Part 2 covers the snow and how we can use one blueprint to affect all of our material instances and how we can switch out textures and material properties within our master material

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hi Benjam901,

Please feel free to also upload it here as well. :slight_smile:

Hello TJ,

I almost forgot about the wiki, I will upload it there also :slight_smile: