[Tutorial] Live 3D Content in your HUD or UI

This is nice and clean. I didn’t know if Scene Capture 2D can generate alpha until now. My solution for 3d render inside UMG is using mesh surrounding with planes with color-fix material. When render target is ready, filter the color and changed it to alpha. I probably should change my technique using this one.

For multiplayer setup, I think Scene Capture 2D only works with one render target. So, running 2 or more games inside one computer and one executable/project folder, will share same render target. It’ll result render target only render texture from the last game that access it. Solution : Try to use 2 different computers for clients.

An example was suggested that the larger render of the character could be used in an inventory screen, i have a wish to do this, however my character equip different types of clothing by using skeletal meshes and the masterpose component. Could the proxy character be set up so that it also displays the additional skeletal meshes that are currently being posed on the main player character?

Outstanding. I am just getting into HUD work and I appreciate the time you put in making this video and carefully explaining the details.

First off thanks for taking the time and doing this, very much appreciated! Out of curiosity, would it be feasible to set up the whole RenderToTexture system in a sublevel.

I managed to set this up with a Scene Capture Component 2D, however it has no transparent background.

Add a Scene Capture Component 2D to your player character blueprint, then rotate it by 180 degrees, and move it a little outwards.
Then add a CanvasRenderTarget2D texture under the Scene Capture Component 2D settings
Disable auto activate


Navigate to the newly created CanvasRenderTarget2D texture > rightclick and create a material
Inside the material i set it up as can be seen in the image below

Add an Image to your UMG (ie. Inventory UI)
Add your RenderTarget material to the Brush Image Slot, of the newly created Image

Add the following activate node to your Inventory show button, or where you load the Inventory display, same for exit Inventory view

The CanvasRenderTarget2D texture resolution is similar to the one i use in my UI, can be tweaked, HDR option is disabled. Maybe this helps someone, i wasn’t able to find a documentation for this, using 4.14

You need to use a actor and spawn it out side of the sky done then OnRep your changes to the preview actor to update the mesh.

Is there any way to capture image from a separate level instance?