Tutorial/Example: Adding custom MultiUse(Radial) menu entry/action

Did you could help me?
I wanted to make my structure had an option by pressing the E key, you could choose if I want to use gasoline or electricity.
I just do not know where to start

It is the first time working with graph

Ok! First off, thanks for the tut. :smiley: but as I’m an old git, I probably don’t find it ( do I need bigger glasses? )
I am trying to add an entry where the player can choose between using gasoline or electricity on the industrial forge.
I followed your step, but after selecting the “implement function” and gotten the graphical menu, I seem to become stuck… I can’t find the “USE” thing that will save the incoming multiuse entry … nor that big ADD function button … I have the MakeMultiUse entry button/window…

Could you please help me understand how to get this to work?? I spent 3 days getting a custom fabricator to work lol, I’m slow… but I want to learn!!

First you have to create a “local variable” by clicking the + under where it says “Local Variables”, set it to a multiuse entry then drag it onto the graph. see this page for more on variables Blueprint Variables | Unreal Engine Documentation
Add can be found by right clicking the graph and typing “add” into the search bar

Can you plis make video tutorial for this ?

jslay did a video tutorial that covers a ton of use cases for MultiUse: https://youtu.be/ENsGUdPvmSo

Adding this to my thread for guides! Thanks

Hello Mezzow, I followed your tutorial and thanks to you it works on almost everything! However, I can’t figure out how to make even one menu option appear on an electrical Generator (Using GeneratorEmitter) any ideas about what I’m missing?

Could be a lot of things without seeing what you are doing. Make sure you followed all the steps. Make sure all your execution lines end with the “Return” node in the BPGetMultiuseEntries function. Im also not sure what you mean by “Using GeneratorEmitter” in this context. You only need to implement this on the actual structure BP, if and what emitter is used shouldn’t matter.

When the Electrical Generator is off, it’s using the Generator Blueprint, when it’s on, it’s using the GeneratorEmitter blueprint (I couldn’t find any blueprint multiuse entries in the Electrical Generator (off) blueprint.)

You got a misconception there. The structure blueprint will not change at all. It’s always going to use ElectricGenerator. The GeneratorEmitter is a Emitter blueprint. It’s added to the ElectricGenerator blueprint as a child actor component. The only thing it does in the case of the generator is playing the constant sound you hear when you turn the generator on. You shouldn’t need to mess with this blueprint at all. Everything goes on the ElectricGenerator blueprint.

Thank you for your prompt answer, I went back and doublechecked and I was using PrimalItemStructure_PowerGenerator when I should have been using ElectricGenerator, I’m still new to modding, thank you very much for enlightening me.

How would you control at what distances(/angles) the multiuse buttons are accessible from? Is there a way?

For reference, I’m trying to add passenger seats to a raft. For whatever reason, you can only board from underneath, not on top.

I tried reassigning the board buttons to a submenu - even got it to work, but still only from beneath. Any help here would be great.

Don’t suppose you could show the above with example pictures please? I’m trying to do what you suggest, but my brain seems to be incapable of working it out without pictures :frowning:


Bump. No one has any ideas about my question above?

There is a “BlueprintDrawFloatingHud” or something like that which is an implementable function that may do what what you want. I honestly don’t know. Never messed with it, just remember seeing it

Watching the video, though it is in French (and my French isn’t up to that), really helped me figure out how to do this correctly.

Any reason why the images wouldn’t be working anymore?