[Tutorial] - Connecting to a Third Party Socket Server

Finally got around to writing down how I was able to accomplish this. Hopefully it helps someone else and I hope people don’t mind a link to the wiki.

Wasn’t sure how to get it added to the list of tutorials on the wiki unfortunately.

Maybe elaborate a little on what exactly this means and why should i use it.

Use it to access external databases for persistent game worlds?

yea but think of a new person, if you put things in context a little its always easier to understand.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve added our specific use case to the page. We’re building a lobby/chat system that we felt using the built in dedicated server would have been overkill for.

Great tutorial. I’d move the dependency thing to the beginning though, since you should really do that first, right?

Thanks for your awesome tutorial overlawled!

I’ve been wondering how this gets done, you did all the research for me!

I made your wiki tutorial publicly visible in both Tutorials and the Code section

Now people can easily find it when just browsing the Wiki!

Thanks for sharing!


Hi, I’ve been following this code, and I have found that when my c# server reads information from the client, it crashes.

When the server sends information to the client;

The message is -1.#

Any ideas why :d/


I can sent a message to my C# server.

After using the send() method, I sit there and wait for a reply back.

When the C# server gets a message, it will then send one back. My client misses the first packet received.

Do you know I get a -1 the first time?

For e.g. I send the correct user credentials to my server, the server checks DB and sends true to UE4 client, UE4 client receives -1, despite the server saying “You can log in”?

Any clues,

Thank you.

Well I plan to upgrade my game but i want to connect the ue4 to my extrenal server that work on Microsoft Sql Server that why the way you say on page 1 can help with that?