[TUTORIAL] Blutility - Running Blueprint functions inside Editor

Glad to hear! Will we be able in the future to add buttons and so forth to perform similar actions but just within our Blueprints? For instance so I’d be able to see it in the details pane of a given BP and activate it from there instead from a secondary BP. Looking forward to seeing where things are at in 4.8.

I have downloaded and tested the master branch today the only functionality it has currently is when you click on it in the content browser (which is really inconvenient) the buttons don’t show anywhere and spawn actor which it gives a warning but should be able to do gives an error about world context object pin although there is no such thing

i don’t know about others but this kind of thing is a must have for me currently i am using the constructor script to do this but the power this has is so much better!!! i hope epic suddenly makes a decision to fix this up for 4.8


OK bad news blutility isn’t even on the trello boards!! :frowning: i guess i am finally going to have to start learning the engine from inside (c++)

yes. this would be an important feature to have for automating so many things. hope it gets to the surface

Hi a_najafi,

After spotting your post yesterday I checked latest code to make sure nothing had regressed, Admittedly I don’t know exactly what you setup in your blutility but all the other examples in this thread worked for me and the 2 QA guys I had check ( in case I was missing something ). It might be helpful if you could post some more details on exactly what you did and what you were expecting to see so we can investigate why you are having problems further.
With regards to trello - no there isn’t any entries for blutilities, this doesn’t mean we aren’t aren’t listening to users and looking to fix any problems that arise. Trello just isn’t the primary task and bug tracking software we use internally.

The main reason for my earlier post was to update and inform people that we do not plan to abandon blutilities, it just didn’t receive any attention for a while and was broken by other changes unintentionally which hopefully won’t be the case in 4.8.
Additionally and ideally it would also allow for dialog with regards to problems and feedback so we can avoid any problems with blutils becoming longstanding and the forums can feed back into future decisions where applicable.

By all means please explain the issues you encountered and we will try to get to the bottom of them and unblock you as soon as we can :slight_smile:


i did what the top post said to do and one on tomlooman’s website and it didnt’ work, but i must of missed the one by ryanjon2040 because that works beautifully.

Hi Laserman,

What exactly didn’t work? were the buttons missing? or the text fail to display in the view when running the blutility? also are you using latest code rather than 4.7?
Sorry for the barrage of questions :slight_smile: if I can replicate the problems you experienced I can make some attempt patch any problems for the next release.



no need to say sorry. I’ve tested it using the launcher build 4.7.5 and the promoted build 4.8 on git. win 8 x64
I don’t get the buttons in the blutility detail panel when I generate a function.

but I get it when say call in editor under the blutility dropdown on each blueprint though. Which works fantastic. If i do it that way instead it works like magic.
Admittedly it would be great for it to appear in some global scope, but I’m happy at the moment with it.

edit : remove limitation comment. i was so wrong. blutility’s are awesome.

Hi Laserman,

I wouldn’t expect the buttons to appear on 4.7, the blutility fixes didn’t make it to that version. I would however expect the function buttons to be present on git build, the only caveat is that the functions must have call in editor enabled the same as the custom event blutils. This is enabled by default in 4.8 when a new function is added if the blutility is based on GlobalEditorUtilityBase, if the blutility is an older blutility you are modifying you may have to turn this on.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i missed one simple thing. I kept going to the blutility shelf and choosing edit blueprint and defaults thinking it should appear there. i missed the line up that said to simply double click.
my apologies for that complete oversight. it’s working fine in 4.8, just not 4.7 like you mentioned.


Hi Laserman,

No, thats good - we are on page then. I was a bit worried something had gotten missed or I was missing something, we are running out of time to make sure this ships in a working state with 4.8 so I just wanted to be extra sure.

Thanks for re-checking for me :slight_smile:


I have tried to move some functions out of construction scripts and into Blutilities since I am spawning a bunch of items and adding them onto the actor and didn’t like it continually updating whenever I moved the actor around. Blutilities solve this and i can just click the button to spawn them. However the actors I spawn from the blutility function then disappear when I move it around. Is there any way to stop this from happening at all?

Sorry for the delay but i wasn’t informed by the site that you quoted me (do forums do that?)

I got the promoted branch and things worked out well don’t know why the buttons didn’t show before might have been older version! i’m sorry i don’t know why it hadn’t shown last time i checked

sorry i really had panicked when didn’t work at that time hopefuly i will be back on track with it

but the problem with spawn actor from class still presists i am posting two pics of the issue and hopefully this problem will have a simple solution as you see i tested both a custom event node and a function th spawn actor from class currently gives an error

you can’t imagine how happy i got when i saw your reply thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Ok so ZoltanJr clarifeied some stuff for me and my problem has been solved instead of using a blutility actor we can just create a custom node in any blueprint and enable call in editor wich will make it apear in the detail pannel inside the viewport

thanks Benitoe and ZoltanJr i can now happily continue :slight_smile:

How do you spawn actors? the spawn actor from class doesn’t work for me :((

a_najafi don’t use the blutility class for it, just add an actor into the game and put the custom event on there with “call in editor” enabled, unless there is a specific reason that you require it to be on that?

Hey all…
ok so i have a problem, by the way… im coming from unity, so this is all very new to me

if i understood correctly, there is no way to add buttons to details panel in 4.7, but there will be possibility to add them in 4.8?

let me explain my problem: i am making modular asset pack that will go on sale, right now its just prototyping phase… and i want to make it as easy for developers to place sections as i can.

so i have come up with a way to do just that. basically developer places in scene a blueprint that i created, and then under details panel, he can pick what size he wants that piece, and what type (just wall, wall with doors, wall with windows) and then i also want to add few buttons there. mainly these 3: Go to next model, go to previous model, change material.

go to next model would just go to next item in array that i created… basically each variation has array list, lets say developer selects, size: medium and type: Wall with windows. then he can press next button, and model will switch mesh to next variation of wall with windows, and if he presses next again, it will go to next model in array. once array is at the end, it will just reset back to 0 array item.

the same with change material, i want a button there, that when developer clicks it, it will go to next item in array of materials… nothing fancy, but i have no clue how to add buttons there

because the way it is now… it is very inconvenient to select from dropdown list of blutilities and then click on run… this is mayor flaw in my blueprint, because i want this to be as streamlined as possible

You CAN add stuff to the details panel via C++, but it isn’t quite as easy as Unity made it.

I know, i have seen tutorial page about that, but as far as i remember there was no talk about adding buttons.
And my coding knowledge is non existing, in unity i was using playmaker which is visual scripting addon, similar to blueprints
Would someone make me buttons that i can use in blueprints?
In return i can give you finished modular pack to create houses, if you want ofcourse

You could add 3 booleans and use the construction script to update whatever it is you want to update when the values are changed/toggled.

Well i want to have button that says “go to next material” or “go to next model”

Yes sure i could do this with boolean, and every time the boolean is toogled it goes to next material, but it makes for a very messy solution, although one that would probably work, so if i cant figure it out i will use booleans.

What about instead of adding buttons, i would map a key, for example when i press up arrow on keyboard it goes to next material, on selected model. is this possible?

so now that v4.8 is out… can we add buttons with blueprints to inspector tab? i tried making blutility, but its just the same dropdown as it was before, am i doing something wrong?