Tutorial: Blueprint Spline locked sidescroller (e.g. Klonoa / Pandemonium style game)

I too had trouble finding it as well, but once you drag a line from the “target spline1” node it will become available.

On EIREXE’s example, while I know that it starts with an “event tick” node, but does anyone know that it ends with, that last purple node?

I’m trying to create the variable, but spline_c is not an option?


I tried to use Spline Component and all the other spline options, but whichever one I choose, my spline blueprint doesn’t show in the drop down on the player character.

You’re suppose to create a separate blueprint that contains the spline component (lets call this blueprint ABC for reasons I’ll explain later), and on the character blueprint you create a variable of type “ABC” (see? I told you).

But srsly, does anyone know that that last purple node is? Is it even important?

I have not done the tutorial but I am pretty sure that it is a ReturnNode. Created when the custom Function was made.

I’m having the exact same issue.

As far as I know, I’ve followed this to a T and everything compiles. However, when I simulate, my character doesn’t snap to the spline, but to a different random nearby point. Once I add the event tick, it snaps to this random point, and gets stuck there, kind of barely vibrating, like it’s trying to move but can’t. Any ideas?

Hi guys!I followed this tutorial but didn’t worked somehow. I really don’t know whats the problem, and totally driving me crazy. Someone be kind and make a video tutorial or something pls.

Hi guys !

i’ve followed this tutorial to get exactly that result : move a character (our character in this case) along a spline component … here : no problem.

But (i promise it was fun … maybe not so much) when i hit “play” my character spawn at the world origin : x0,y0,z0 … and he just fall then after maybe 1 or 2 second just disappear …

the problem is after 3 full day of trying to make it work, reading this all post again and again and searching why it doesn’t work i still can’t figure it out …

So please guys can you help me to make it work ?

some precisions :

typing _C in the variable type box doesn’t sort anything .
reading the out pin value of "get world distance at distance along spline " give this “X=0,Y=0,Z=0”.
the value of the float variable “distance along spline” = 0.
i’ve try 5 differents projects (new , empty , sidescroller , with and without starter content = always the same issue)

i link to you a question posted by a member on the answer forum : he as exactly the same issue as mine and have also posted a picture of what we get .

This is all the details i’m able to give you right know … if you need more just tell me :wink:

thank you to take the time to read me , and maybe found a solution :wink:

same problem here; couldn’t select _C; selected bpname instead; now i get

Error Accessed None ‘trace’ from node SetWorldLocation in graph ‘EventGraph’ in blueprint FirstPersonCharacter
Error Accessed None from node SetWorldLocation in graph ‘EventGraph’ in blueprint FirstPersonCharacter

maybe i can help you with that :wink:

check your inbox dude :wink:

Could you send that to me as well, please?

I had the same issue until I realised that I used “get world distance at distance along spline” instead of “get world LOCATION at distance along spline”.

Hope this helps if it hasn’t been resolved already! :smiley:

I had the same issue until I realised that I used “get world distance at distance along spline” instead of “get world LOCATION at distance along spline”.

Hope this helps if it hasn’t been resolved already! :smiley:

Can people please stop linking to this? I followed literally everything (as well as making a few modifications) and while it did work, there would be no collision detection no matter what I did. After messaging Monophobe about this, they told me they had the same problem and didn’t know how to fix it either. Looking up a proper implementation only gives me people linking to this thread. I’m honestly tired of it; this engine has been out for 3 years and no one has figured this out. If anyone knows of a proper tutorial on how to do this (WITH COLLISION DETECTION) then please link to it for the love of god.

Thank you all for the tutorial It worked fine. I took the Input axis from Monophobe and the different solution from jeffmeow (three first pics). For the camera I end up using this

This is how I use them in the characters blueprint

Great tutorial. I’m trying to implement such a feature for a procedural generated third person endless runner game. I was able to get the player follow a spline in third person (I will implement doding left and right along the spline later, too), but the main problem is, since the player follows tiles which are procedural generated I cannot make one long spline, but one for each tile. The idea was to keep track of the distance along the spline and when the player reached approximately the end of one tile, maybe 90% along its length the character should start tracking to the start point of the next spline given. Unfortunately I’m little bit lost on getting to work the transition of two splines, but probably someone knows a solution for my problem. :slight_smile:

Glad this is still helping people and that it continues to be expanded on (CMEX: I appreciate your frustration, but taking the ideas here as a start point and working out a solution to your requirements is still more helpful than burying the thread).

Qwerty_1: I imagine you could add the next sections spline to a list and either jump to the next spline, or possibly renumber the spline points so they’re treated as next in line. Would be interested to see what you come up with. Can imagine it getting a little costly if it’s potentially endless though.

Maybe rather than completely locking the player to the spline, you could have multiple points on each one, and just take their positions/rotations and use leaps to smooth out the in-betweens (especially if it’s an automatic runner where you’ll know the speed of movement at all times rather than starting/stopping). It’s late and I’m just thinking out loud here so not sure it’d work.

Thanks for the quick response.

I was trying so much, but I seem not to be able to connect those nasty splines together. Could you probably provide a picture of blueprint to show me how you would do it?

Well theoretically yes, but I have attached the spline to my floor tiles which I only spawn when my character overlaps a trigger box at the end of each floor tile, which I use to destroy the tiles when the player passes by, too. So the spline should get destroyed, too and doesn’t bother anymore. So it shouldn’t cost that much.

I hope you can help me :eek:

Hey guys, sorry for raising the post from the dead but anyone got any lead on how to fix the no collision problem? :slight_smile: