Tutorial: Blueprint Inventory System

I created a wiki page that shows how to create a simple Blueprint Inventory system.

I plan on extending this considerably, and potentially creating a Marketplace package in the near future.

I tried to follow this tutorial today and copied it node by node. It’s not working. I’m using UE4.10.4.
I can collect as many items as I want and the inventory is never full despite it carrying much more than the MaxWeight variable allows for, and filling more slots than are set in my SlotCount variable.
And whenever I collect more than one item during gameplay I end up with this error message in my log once I end the simulation:
“Error Cannot access ‘BaseItem1’. It is pending kill. Property: ‘Item_4_D13A66C3434DA12F0FC791A30393CD70’ from node HasPartialStack in graph ‘AddItemToInventory’ in blueprint BaseInventory”

Furthermore, the node “Set members in InventorySlot” inside my HasPartialStack macro has a “Struct Ref” pin. For some reason no such pin is visible in the tutorial screen shot. What is that all about?
And one last question: Will this tutorial ever be finished? Right now there is no way to see what items exist inside the inventory, and neither can they be selected and used. The entire UMG part is still missing. I for one could never do this all by myself.

I really hope I get a reply here. I realize this thread is a bit old, but the tutorial is still potentially very useful.

I took a break from Unreal, but I am back again. I’ll spend some time getting it up to date again in the coming weeks.

That tutorial is a complete KAOS.
Bad explained && Croped photos!!

Fookur, for the “Set members in InventorySlot” right click on the blue icon, and expand… this gives you 2 refs for “item” and “slot”.

The tutorial has an error in Pick-up Functionality


To BaseInventory?? To BaseItem?? To mycharacter???

Adding to BaseInventory gives an error!!! The target must be the Backpack,… but the Self link cannot be placed.
Adding to BaseItem cannot be, because the previous function “AddItemToInventory” is inside BaseInventory and uses the variable ItemList.