Transparent UMG Edges

thank you very much for sharing what you ve been able to do! that was useful, and I managed to get what I wanted with some edits :wink:

@BurritoGoblin , did you or anyone else reading ever get rid of the black background?

Any advice would be appreciated.


I think maybe this issue needs to be flagged as a bug in the engine.

Try it like this:



@Everynone Wow! That did it. All that was missing was multiplying in the RGBA pin from the Texture sample. Thank you so much.

Here’s my final material for making a procedural faded square mask for use with a retainer box.

Now if only I could figure this issue HERE, my pop-up menu would be complete.

Maybe a daft question, but how do you get the RGBA pin to show up?

its new in 4.22

Technically, it should be just alpha I think. Updated it.

Thank you @MC1RScorpion and @Everynone

Just paying it forward…to everyone here, be sure to set your retainer material blending to Alpha Composite (Premultiplied Alpha), otherwise your colors will be all wrong. Good luck!