Transmit variables outside UE4?

After hours and hours of searhing up the good ol Google i still have’nt got anywhere real with this question som im trying here

Is there anyway to send variables outside of UE4? by meaning having variables stored in UE4 and then when tasked to do so send specific varables to lets say NFC, RFID tags or something similar to a physical hands-on chess piece.

if it is possible then how? or more of where do i start?

i was thinking of utilising arduino with maybe NFC or something like that to make it work but if that impossible then i need to know

EDIT: As an added note i mostly work with only blueprints and if possible it could be a blueprint orientetd solution

UE4 is not some enclosed application and C++ in is normal C++, so you can use external libraries as well as use static libraries and do whatever you like.

Just remeber that EULA forbits use of GPL, LGPL, and some Creative Comomns varians licenced libraries, or any other licence that are invasive and effect content of UE4 EULA

Platfrom specific API (like Windows.h in windows) are avable out of the bat, if you can use HTTP or any other TCP/IP network communication all you need to do is use UE4 APIs for those

thanks for the answer!

pardon me if i missed something but the solution im looking for is more of blueprint oriented. also this question is more or less for a prototype so its not even near for commercial but more for a academic course so i suppose that i dont have to worry about(?) breaking EULA’s as im only working with variables i myself set in the editor.

pardon me again if i missed something but the idea is to use something with NFC and/or RFID which does not need the use of any TCP/IP network (if i understand the tech correctly)

but i will dig deeper and thanks for the reply!

I remember the Unreal marketplace having something to communicate with arduino I/O

For those still wondering if there is a possible solution for UE to send and recieve information from and to specifically arduino or other COM ports i’ve found at last a plugin that works with making communication between arduino and UE4 work with blueprints

UE4duino 2 Plugin