TOctree2 Finding nodes


I am currently working on a simple Octree visualization. Something along the lines of this example UE_Space_Partioner_Using_TOctree/SpacePartioner.cpp at master · StenBone/UE_Space_Partioner_Using_TOctree · GitHub

The problem is that example uses the deprecated TOctree. TOctree2 seems to be sub-optimal documented for me.

Finding elements is rather straight forward with FindAllElements.

My problem is more how to get all nodes. Any tips? I know I probably have to use this one: TOctree2::FindNodesWithPredicate | Unreal Engine Documentation

Anyhow I dont seem to get this to work. Do you know any examples I can take a look at? It does not seem that there are too many examples of TOctree2 existing.


Found an example in unreal engine code within the file: ShadowSetup.ccp
In case somebody else is looking for an example.