Tilting character to surface. Lost in vector math. help please

are you after something like this? its not the best method but it works (for me only whilst in a trigger but you can have it anywhere if you need!) - YouTube

Screenshot - 66c070d6f6f58d332c2fcaf3c51386a0 - Gyazo (here is a screenshot of the BP)

I came up with something very similar, it worked perfectly until you were on a surface steeper than 90 degrees, so upside down, surfaces of less than 90 degrees are easy, its just that frustratingly it flips when on surface of over 90 degrees.

i know this was written a while ago, but this was exactly the solution i needed for my problem so thank you!

Thanks man, you’re a life saver. I’ve been trying to get this working all day, your C++ method works perfectly! Next time I should probably read docs more closely, I didn’t know you could construct an FTransfrom from the three axes and a point.

I know this is probably dumb question but where did you find that Align to Surface node? Is it contruction node?

Has anyone solved this problem? seems like everyone walked away forgetting some of us still need answers. I followed all the directions in Blueprints and my character can walk only so far up the inside of a wall and can’t go any further. I really thought we were on to something here, Please Help.

Hello! have you tried to increase walkable floor angle in the character movement component?

Maybe this helps

Thank you!

The Ninja character movement plugin on the Unreal Marketplace does all the things.