Thoughts on how to remove head bob from a True First Person character?

I’m going to do some experimenting as well. It’s possible that the Boom just does what MostHost is proposing.

In my experience, the boom is only useful to allow the character to bang his/her head inside stuff and prevent clipping.
it’s essentially what it’s designed to do…

But you can also use the boom to smooth out motions with the camera lag options. I haven’t played with this anymore since I’ve been focusing on level design for my project, but if you can somehow get the camera lag to smooth out the Z movement, then you’d not have to go through the process of creating custom code or animations to smooth that out.

Lag makes you more sick, so don’t waste time.

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The camera is attached to the head socket. This can be reduced from Anim graph of character, you have to add transform modify bone just before output pose.

I am facing same problem while making my game. You can watch this video for full tutorial: “

It works like a charm

If you use a separate head mesh like metahumans have, you can just check “hidden in game” for the head mesh and also check “hidden shadow.” You wont see the camera clipping through the head, since it is invisible to the camera, but it will still cast a shadow.

With a camera on a spring arm unattached to any socket, you can then lerp between the world location of your head bone and the world location of your spring arm, and the alpha for the lerp will be a slider for how much headbob want.

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That’s an interesting solution that I’ll have to look at in the future.
The method I settled on was to not attach the camera to the skeletal mesh at all. If you pay attention to games like Mirror’s Edge you can see they’ve actually just added a body to a typical First Person setup, rather than adding a First Person Camera to a third person setup. That way the arms move with the camera and any hand animations are always going to be in the correct place, and then the body is only visble when you look down. In my experience since this original post, it’s a much easier system to work with since the body only needs movement animations.

I wrote an updated tutorial with my results a few years back:

You may want to look up some of the Crysis shots of what characters look like during different actions.

Wither way, true first person with an attached camera is only ever achievable on custom animations specifically adjusted to account for motion.

Anything you try is either a hack or not going to work.
So yes. Detached from mesh is the right the way to go - unless you have a budget or the know how to deal with making your own animations.

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