The trials and tribulations of Blender & Skeletal Meshes

i’m in tears… this works, i’ve tried everything even using old blender versions but they had other broken functionalities, spent over 5 hours trying to find the cure, but this thing works, can’t thank you enough :smiley:

I’m happy that the extra root bone and the scaling stuff are fixed , but now after importing the animation into the engine , the models don’t move even when root motion is not there . The animations root bone remains static throughout even though it translates on blender . Is there anything i missed to cause this issue ?

I’m using blender 2.78

In case anyone finds this post while looking for the root bone fix for Blender 2.78:
Prevent Blender FBX Exporter adding extra root bone

Hi Kris i’ve booked marked your page so that i can pass it on when required

This also fixes issues with APEX. You can still only have vertices affected by 4 bones at the same time but you can have lots of bones.

Thanks to all who help making the blender to ue4 workflow bearable :slight_smile:

New problem I’m having, this is from blender 2.78a to UE4.14.0

I’ve modified script and it caused this:

I’ve even tried the script that was already “fixed” for me:

I’ve also tried in 2.77 and still getting this same issue (also tried importing to UE4.13.1 and the error is the same)


Should I use your ue4 tools or this script with the fix on your blog? Also when did you guys switch from Ogre3D/IDTech4 (I can’t remember the original exactly) to UE4, any plans on supporting Linux?

I get this now with UE4 Tools, krisreadbeards fix and your blender io_scenen_fbx fixed exporter.

Hi guy’s sorry to necro the thread but i recently switch to Blender and i am having a hard time knowing what work versus what doesn’t work! I want to buy mocap animation pack from mocap online and they provide FBX package and UE4 package so if i want to be able to modify these animations in Blender let’s say for example to hold a custom weapon then which package should i chose the FBX or the UE4 package?

I know that their UE4 come with some handy blueprint to handle and tweak animations so if i take FBX i wont get these but on the other hand if i take the UE4 then i cannot export it as fbx to blender since they are not working i know since i tried their free testing package.

I am afraid i will be force to get Maya LT for this to work without too much trouble!