The Stickman Cometh

The Stickman Cometh is a game I made this weekend for Ludum Dare #31. Here’s the Ludum Dare entry, and here’s a link to download the final build I submitted for the game jam.

I learnt a lot more about UE4, which was my main goal, and I had a lot of fun doing it. The character animation system in Unreal is just amazing, and I finally got around to playing with Cascade (GPU blood splatter!). The game was done entirely in Blueprints, no C++.

I’m more or less happy with how my game came out, considering it was done in 72 hours. I have a whole feature list that’s only half crossed off, but at least I have something complete, albeit flawed. I think the core mechanic is fun though, and that’s what’s important to me. There’s some key things missing, such as a health meter, so you can’t see how much health you have left. The bullet time power is currently unlimited, which is also a bit of a problem. There’s also no way to get more health, which makes it pretty hard to last more than 10-15 seconds each round. There’s also no score, the game doesn’t keep track of how many enemies you’ve killed.

I plan to continue to work on it, polish it up, and try to expand it into a full game. I would love to hear any feedback people have on it.

UPDATE: I made an HTML5 build! You can try it out here. I was only able to get it to run on Firefox Nightly 64-bit though.

Really pretty awesome for an all blueprints game done in that short amount of time. I like the simplicity and think you could carry this concept pretty far if you fixed some of the issues you’ve already listed yourself.

Thanks! Blueprints is really pretty awesome. I’m a programmer, but I’ve been trying to see how far Blueprints can go. I find it to be incredibly powerful, and I’ve still only touched the surface of what is possible.

I’ve also built it out for HTML5! It took a bit of work, but I got it built and running on Firefox Nightly 64-bit. You can try it out here.

Hey -

  • I think there’s a case issue with jStorage.js on the server. I can’t seem to run it on FF 64 nightly.

Cool project! This reminds me of those stickfigure animations from the very beginning of the internet, made by a guy named Xiao Xiao. Keep it up!

looks awesome. really like how gravity engine works, reminds me of matrix. anyway, I couldn’t get that link you left to work, to html5 version of the game and I would really want to get it running on my stickmansite, so if you’re interested, plz contact me on pm. do you plan on doing this on regular bases, like coding games ? maybe you were thinking about finding a sponsor?
anyway, keep up the good work!