the program keeps telling me to update my ati radeon hd 3000 drivers but I cant find the version it is looking for.

I am only having the one problem, I cant even get anywhere without a problem because the program keeps asking to update the video driver to a newer version, however I cannot find the version it wants anywhere, including amd downloads themselves. Windows update says the driver I have is the most current. I am using Windows 10 pro 64 bit

Hi Ferus Olin,

Unfortunately, the editor requires dx11 to be able to run. The radeon 3000 series is only compatible up to dx10. This is below our recommended specs:

I removed the program completely. I found the old version that works just fine on my system. UDK 3.0 works fine, and have no issues at this point with it. I think if something is incompatible with a program it should clearly state that, not tell you to find a driver that does not exist. This should be corrected in the future.