The Next Steps for the UE Community: The UE Dev Hub (Working Title)

If you’re looking for better ways to support the community, it would be nice to get an office response on this post: UE 5.0 Physics Inertia Persistence - major change from UE 4.26

Basically, UE5 seems to have changes some behavior which is critical to my game design, which has pretty much killed all my momentum on my project, because I can’t design a game until I know if I need to design around the new behavior, or if it is a regression that will be fixed.

It would be great if the tutorial makers could have a direct line to the engine devs who can answer questions and/or confirm that the information presented is accurate.


They’d have to be epic employees then…
Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just that they’d have to hire and task a special division for it.

As a grant receipent, epic gives me nothing different than what it gives everyone else…


A place containing assets that were shown in some presentations would be a good thing.
I’m thinking about it after seeing this post: Inside Unreal: A Guided Tour of Gameplay Abilities - General / Events - Unreal Engine Forums, where the project files are located in this other post: A Guided Tour of Gameplay Abilities - Project Files - Announcements / Asset Sharing - Unreal Engine Forums

So I think that a place like the knowledge base (with categories), but containing all the presentations with (or without) project files and their respective files might be a good way. : )

This is another /dev/null effort. You should invest more on building content & managing them rather than creating tools from scratch.

No one would create tutorials, videos, or livestreams on your Hub unless they are paid. It’s so easy to use Youtube, Discord, Twitch & Tons of blog tools.

All you need to put dev/support team to listen to what people are talking about & respond to their issues.

So I understand there are only a subset of people who understand the engine well enough to offer solutions / advice in their respective aspects, including of course the developers of Unreal Engine. I agree with the above comment by Sigma Games; creating “…tiny bits of knowledge needed for each part of making a game.” This would be great.

I have another idea to add. Obviously games created by Epic are Epic’s IP and they’re all copyrighted. I’ve been trying to develop a game for the last year and a half and the number of different tutorials (Youtube videos, docs or websites) I’ve had to continually reference is crazy. Google search after google search is extremely time consuming. Of course, I’m new to the engine and learning all aspects of it so that’s understandable but some of the seemingly? more advanced topics I struggle to find.

I can try and look for workarounds, which might be fine but they will still take time. I was wondering if there was anyway the unreal engine programmers, artists, etc. could put together a repository of general code / blueprints or assets that solve certain issues that most game developers are likely to encounter. I know there exists a blueprint website ( but it’s lacking context.

For example, in my level I have eight candles and I want to turn on only four at a time, in a specific sequence. If I turn on anymore than that, the candles reset. If I get the sequence right, something happens. I’ve tried for weeks to get this to work to no avail. In other words, a general multi-conditional statement.

I would imagine a problem like mine would be a ten? minute block of code / blueprint for an experienced developer. Slap it on website with some comments and bam…no more questions on that issue. I’m also sure more than one person is trying to accomplish the same thing. I’m very aware that there is a learning curve with programming, level design, animation etc. and that many people go to school for these kinds of things which is why I appreciate the learning portal, but the more advanced topics I feel could build on the basics or be available from the start.

Look into blueprint interfaces. Doing what you want should maybe take 2 minutes. 4 minutes max.

The problem is that there’s is no community - and that the Wiki was deleted.

Given that, everyone learning should consider buying a book.
Which book, I have no idea at this point.
The engine changes so much (in a disastrous fashion) that writing a book in print is prettymuch pointless for anyone writing.
You’d need to spend your life writing corrections…

I tend to agree with Calrizien here.

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Thank you! Yes we should be linking knowledge from the Hub directly into the UE Docs. There is somebody working at epic right now who exclusively works on docs - lets get this feature up!