The new learning portal preview is now live!

Hi Boarnoah,

We can now do lots of different types of courses. I’m interested in seeing what you consider to be a good example of a text based course. Can you email me a link or example to onlinelearning [at]

We plan to release the transcripts once we decide the best way to do it. We already have them completed and they are used in the Closed Captions in video player.



Anyone else getting super tiny videos?

Hello Chris,

Resources like the , More detailed examples (that go over best practices, common designs) of concepts would be interesting to see.
Another resource I’ve seen cited as an example of well done text tutorials is Unity C# and Shader Tutorials (covers topics on Unity).

Not sure if this type of content is the goal of the learning portal, but I personally find it to be something that’s lacking.
A common response when looking for in depth text based resources is to go look at sources such as Udemy courses (which only cover basic uses and certainly not overarching design - like what are the best practices when building save/restore mechanisms, level streaming etc… ).

tl;dr Feel like there is a gap in resources between general design patterns (Table of Contents · Game Programming Patterns) and video tutorials that focus on implementing specific things in engine. An ideal intermediate resource would be ones that cover designing systems using the engine and providing insights into best practices based on experiences etc…

Hope that helps.

Looking good though the Czech translation could use some tweaks. I’m happy to help with that as Czech is my first language :cool:.

I agree, I feel like we’re missing some more in-depth, technical courses. Like there are whole games written entirely in Blueprints, and there isn’t a single place you can actually learn about how the VM works, you have to gain all the insights from 10 different forum posts to have an idea about using it effectively. Almost nothing on Unreal async programming and async asset handling. And many other topics, which are the integral parts of almost every serious game, yet, we have to dig info out of outdated wikis, engine source, random Japanese blogs, etc.

Visibility Culling is really a great example. The Real-Time Rendering class is awesome for instance, really informative, great examples, speed, etc. I wish we had more of the same type, something that is not only targeted for beginners / architects / VR, but more intermediate, more commonly applicable, technical courses for game-development.

Hi Uprentiss, can you email me at onlinelearning [at] and we’ll get it sorted.



Hi Jon Terp, Confirmed We are on it. Thanks for the catch.



Yes please! Please email “Kait” at onlinelearning [at] and she’ll follow up directly.


It does. I’ll take this to the courses team.



Well well, i love it :cool:

Great, really looking forward to see some Highquality (intermediate) Learining Resources !

I watched the “High End Product Lighting and Rendering (Exterior) Course Files” and there is no redeem Code on this side (neither Additional infos, on Firefox)

So i found the code -> see image. It will show a “Not Found” error but still adds it to your Library

Hi PrHangs,

Yes another user reported this… .we are looking into it.

Stay tuned.


At present, the lack of curriculum resources is still in the program part, mainly the C++ part of UE4, networking module, AI module and so on. . The other is the GamePlayAbility system. This system is really very practical, but the learning resources are very few. When we use it, we can only read the source code ourselves, lacking official teaching and case.

Congratulations on tackling this popular issue again! Keep up the gradual improvements. Every bit counts.

I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed by the Learning Resources. The focus is very clearly on architecture (archviz) and enterprises, and next to nothing for indie-gamedevs. I understand this is Epics new target audience and that the site is just starting, but it’s sad you seem to forget your indie devs out there.

When looking at the Docs over at Lumberyard, Amazon is going into great lengths to post detailled, well explained videos on basic techniques (e.g. dynamic lighting) and intermediate things. I guess I was stupid to expect this level of resources… :frowning:

I completely agree with you. Having actual example templates/projects to dismantle/reverse engineer along with videos makes learning such a difficult thing much easier.
I also agree that the main focus should be on the hardest and most commonly sought after aspects, such as Multiplayer replication, C++, things that increase workflow, getting new marketplace assets working on old versions, porting your projects to newer engine versions etc.
I propose polls that the community vote on which templates/tutorials they want to see and then they get implemented in that order.
I’ll give you an example, there was an old tutorial that is now outdated on how to make replicated swimable water, that would be useful for so many people to learn how to do!

They have not cared ‘as much’ for indie devs in a long time now. And Fortnite is taking up most of their time. The only thing we can do besides wait for any changes is come together as a community even more and help eachother. In my opinion we are lucky that they are doing these learning resources at all as I’ve felt like we’ve been an afterthought for quite a while now, but let’s be real, Fortnite is not going to last them forever, the engine itself and the community behind it are the most important foundational aspects they will realize they need to focus on. They could essentially make more money if they have more people improving the engine for them & selling games(they collect royalties), so If people see that many forumgoers have questions still unresolved, & lack of proper learning materials etc, it’s going to send them to other game engines or they will just give up, most people aren’t going to bother posting about their trials. We don’t have enough knowledgeable community members to answer newcomers posts, many of the posts that do end up getting answered are still unresolved because of inadequate yet well intentioned community members, even some of the longest members here are struggling due to inadequate learning materials & many don’t have time to help anyway because they are busy with their own projects.

I’m glad so many people are in agreement about this, I’m one of them.

Lastly & most importantly, how will any guides Epic makes be useful if they aren’t all updated with every engine change? This is why Template Learning Projects inside the engine itself are probably the best learning method as long as Epic keeps them up to date & considering Epic can easily place audio, video and text interactively in a level, it truly will make the best learning experience. Consider you can have floating comment bubble that can be seen during gameplay and in the editor, as well as comments around nodes.

Hi Spacegojira, Thanks for this. This is good feedback. Actually, a game dev track of courses is on our road map for this year. Its true, right now most of the content is focused on non-games. A year ago, that was the intention. Now we have grown and are continuing to grow. But a game dev track is critically important and our standards are extremely high in this regard. All I can say is its a priority and we’ll roll it out as soon as we can, and when it is ready.

Thanks for watching.


I’ll be looking forward to this.

you guys are making really great strides in the only part you need to work on, great job.