The entire map gets dark after light building for( Mobile\tablet) ( scalable 3d or 2d) projects

only BSP brushes stay light and none of light sources emit light

I have a level of static meshes that is created from BSP brushes( I converted BSP brushes to static meshes) and directional light has no effect on them and also point lights and spot lights.
I put a regular static mesh cube next to them and built then that regular static mesh got light and those static meshes that I created from BSP brushes got dark.

lights have no effect on static meshes created from BSP brushes

first I supposed that the materials that used on them are not supported by mobile devices but they get dark with every kind of materials

and also it sounds that those static meshes created from BSP brushes have some issues related to LODs. during trying to build lighting the level, a folder named HLOD was being repeatedly created in content folder and in levels folder. I thought that that was a virus :smiley:

this issue has ruined me because I finally found a way to design my level like what i want using BSP brushes and now they cannot be there .

static meshes created form BSP brushes have shadow but are completely dark like their shadow.

i have already tested them in UE4.8 without this problem

static meshes created from every kind of volumes have this problem

Hi Saeedc,

I’ve moved this out of Bug Reports since this isn’t bug with the editor or functionality. This is just a low lightmap resolution and the wrong coordinate index used for the BSP converted to a Static Mesh.

Follow the information here for more details:

Thank you!

thank you so much . you are great