The Duel: Reloaded - Project - E Sports game - Multiplayer Online Third person shooter

Project Title
The Duel: Reloaded
Website: (Still under construction)
Team members: 9
Need: Coder, knowledge of multiplayer, sqldata, Game

Special Effect Artist As in Flames, Sparks, and some glowing things.

“This is for the video down be low for when our coder left us, He left cause of issues that he was having with real life situations.”

What do we use for fileshare?

What do we use for planner?
The community manager deals with that ask him.

What is the funds going to be?
Patreon membership / Paypal donation

Is this game a free to play game?

Is it going to be pay to win?
No, custom weapons and clothing everything will be even.

The payment system goes like this, it will not come out of my wallet, the only thing that came out of my wallet was the site and the dedicated server. The game funds will be the development team payment. Also if you’re a coder and want to code all by your self you will get more of the revenue.

Wait so you will be paying for the dedicated server?
No the funds will, I am just paying 1 time for it.

Right, I wanna join the team how can I do it?
Email me at " [EMAIL=“”] " and I will set you up, you also will have to get discord and tell me that in side the email so I can send you a friend request and we can talk from there.

We are looking for a programmer for our game, Multiplayer and data is required.

Hello I am Lee the owner and founder of this project we are inspired by GunZ: The Duel
only thing that we’re copying from the game is the glitch know as Korean Style you can watch some video on youtube just type in “Gunz K-Style” it’s a really good unique game I also have played the game since I was young so my friend told me why not get a team and build it, so we are I will provide screenshots what we got so far after the explaining, But I will give a little details here. I will talk to you on discord more about it. Description of the game, Well, Like I said it’s a MOTPS game we really want to make it a E Sports game as well. But the game will have Clan wars inside of it 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and other game modes like Gladiator or Duel matches where someone does 1 v 1 and waiting in line who ever beats that person goes back in the line etc, But we also wanna do quests as well and have a story be hide it in our way then GunZ: The Duel. I will explain more details about the game when you’re really interested in our project. Also forgot to say it will be a fast paced action third person shooter online game hosted on our site
Other stuff - I have been talking to some users in the discord server that we might have some famous people looking at our project like TSM_Dequan, And also some youtubers with over 4M - 100k subs. I also talked to a few youtubers that are in my discord server “The Duel: Reloaded” will shout us out so we do have a big fan base.

(Let me go ahead and include this - If you work/or free lance we will still accept you. This isn’t a full time project only go by your own pace)

Please remember the screenshots that I will provide will be changed as we are using them for placeholders for our game, but showing proof we’re doing work.

Discord server:

Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Discord: maxlee93#2263

Dashing - Screen capture - 53af81de835a5bf1de1af1c2a0f97cb9 - Gyazo
Other sword that attachments didn’t want to upload.…enshot0001.png

Updated -10char

We’re still looking for coders, Please email me
Thank you!

We are still looking for a coder. Please email me at and we can talk on Discord.

We are looking for a SFX designer.